Day 11: The Importance of Strong Abs for Runners

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To be a solid runner, you can’t just run. We’ve all done this for a while…we just run because that’s really what we want to do the most. But there are plenty of other muscle groups that you need to pay attention to in order to finish a race strong.

Perhaps among the most important: our abs! I know we all wish we could have a six-pack, but we don’t want to quit eating tacos (or whatever your guilty pleasure is). That’s ok we so need to splurge every once in a while. Maybe we won’t have that coveted six-pack, but we can eat a few tacos here there and still have a strong core!


So, what exactly do strong abs do for runners? Well, a few different things:

  • Better running economy: Want to get faster? Spend more time on your core. With stronger abs, your body spends less time trying to stabilize your muscles and can run more efficiently because it takes less effort for your muscles to work together the way they should.
  • Reduce your chance of injury: A lot of times, a misaligned pelvis and associated muscles can result in injuries in your hips and other parts of the body. A stronger core can make sure your pelvis is strong and stays in place, so it doesn’t need as much support from your other muscle groups.
  • Improve your balance: Having good balance is important to make sure you aren’t falling after any misstep. This is especially important if you tend to be a bit klutzy like me. 😉

So what is one of the best ab exercises for runners?


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.09.54 PM

Planks are so versatile, and I love that you can basically make these work for you no matter your fitness level. You can make adjustments on time and position and work your way to to longer and more difficult plans as you become stronger. They are quick and you can do them anywhere with no equipment. No wonder we do them every day!

On to today’s core workout…

Day 10 exercises:

  • Fitness Blender – 10 Minute Abs & Obliques
  • Bonus – Uptown Abs Workout
  • Plank – :60
  • Wall Sit – :60

Fitness Blender – 10 Minute Abs & Obliques:

Uptown Abs Workout:

Don’t forget your plank and wall sit then you’re done and hopefully you’re feeling your…

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.22.05 PM

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