March 2016 – 30 Day Challenge

Your 30 Day Challenge

Ready to get stronger…to run faster? Want to tone your arms, legs and core?

Let’s get started!

March is going to be an awesome month for all of us and I want you to be consistent, work hard, and do your best! The 30 Day Challenge is not meant to be “easy”…it is meant to CHALLENGE you each day. It will not take long…and you can easily fit each day’s exercises into your normal routine if make the time to get it done. Excuses are just that…excuses. Power through them…remember your goals…and why you made the commitment. Then get up and get it done!

Each day you will have exercises that focus on your arms, legs, or core. Each day you will have stretches for that day’s body part and we will also do a few planks. Since so many of the Challengers have dealt with Plantar Fasciitis, I also decided to include 10 calf raises per leg each weekday to build strength in our calves, help those who are suffering and to keep the rest of us from developing this nasty injury.

simple just go runThis group is based around running…and if the running bug hasn’t hit you yet…I hope we can inspire you to get out and pound some pavement. Running has changed my life and I know it will benefit you as well. Remember… we all started somewhere and every single mile counts so stop doubting yourself and get your running shoes on!

Throughout the month you will see a lot of posts about running…you will see week running drills, nutrition advice, and motivation to get out and be active. Ultimately, running will be up to you…fit it in your schedule and move it around to make it work best for your lifestyle. be active every day

Ok here’s the gist…be active every day!

Tuesdays and Fridays: Arms, Calf Raises, Planks, and Stretches

Wednesday and Sunday (or Saturday): Abs, Calf Raises (on Wednesday), Planks, and Stretches

Thursdays and Mondays: Legs, Calf Raises, Planks, and Stretches

Saturday (Sunday): Long run + Planks + 7 Key Stretches for runners

As always, there is a separate page for “how to” videos for each exercise. You can find them here. Group rules

Group rules are simple…just keep it positive and be active! No selling crap…but you are welcome to post your personal stories.  Fundraising requests, additional workouts, and “I need motivation” posts are welcome…as long as they are fitness related. Don’t make me delete stuff like “I’m raising money to cover my electric bill”…or “I’m selling these great sunglasses”. You know what I mean…

The main thing to remember is to do what works best for you. If an exercise is painful or you have trouble with it…find a modification or replace it with another exercise that works that body part better for you. There are so many options out there…if you need encourage-one-another1help finding something, reach out to me or other Challengers.

This group is here to support you, encourage you, and motivate you to be active every single day. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day…just jump back in and get it done!

I am adding a little incentive for March and it hasn’t come all the way together yet…but it will involve a medal, plaque or some other prize for the Challenger who pushes themselves throughout the month, posts consistently that they “got it done”, has a great attitude, and is our “stand out” challenger of the month. We can talk more about how to make this work best in our group discussions. 🙂

Below is the March Challenge Calendar. It looks like a lot…but it doesn’t take long. Print it out and hang it somewhere you will see it every day. Remember to log in to “Strong to the Core” and post your daily accomplishments so we can cheer you on!

Ready to get started?? I am…let’s do this y’all!

March 2016 Challenge Calendar