About Strong to the Core

run free and strongStrong to the Core is a monthly challenge group focused on runners who to get stronger, run longer and avoid injuries. Consistency is the key to success with any training program and with Strong to the Core we give you a monthly challenge with a detailed strength plan plus accountability and motivation through of community of likeminded runners also working on stability and strength.

Each month we have a fresh 30 Day Challenge that focuses on areas of our body that runners can strengthen to improve our overall fitness and achieve our running goals. Group benefits include daily workouts, bonus workouts and heavy lifting options for those who want to do more than the minimum, plus motivation, accountability, and support through our Strong to the Core community.

While our group’s focus is primarily on strength for runners, everyone can benefit from daily motivation to get up, get moving, and get stronger! Adding strength has so many benefits including weight loss, toning, being heart healthy and just being able to pick up our kids and grandkids without pulling our back or being winded!

Our arms, core, and legs propel us while we run but running doesn’t make us strong enough to stay injury free on its on. By strengthening our core, which includes our hips and glutes, abdominals and upper and lower back , we’re able to stabilize our body while we’re running, making us able to run with proper form and alive getting hurt. Strength also gives us power and agility making us faster.

Join us and see what a difference it makes when you add consistent strength training to your routine. Find out how a community of runners just like you can help keep you moving forward and getting it done!

If you are looking for a fun, motivating, and inspiring environment to workout, Strong to the Core is your place! This is the best workout and group of people you will ever know. It goes beyond working out, beyond friendships and beyond being mindful of your health. It actually works! Never assume it is intimidating, no one will make you feel like that. The core members are beyond encouraging and Amy is, well the best running/strength coach I have ever had. We work hard, but Amy makes sure we have fun and is with us the whole way! It’s not just a community of friends, we are like family! – Pam

Every month we have a chance to improve, to get stronger and to get faster. Our #CoreCrew is setting new personal records on top of feeling good and staying injury free. Our challenge includes a monthly strength calendar with varied strength exercises and routines designed specifically for runners. We stay accountable and motivated through our Strong to the Core Facebook group.

The cost for STTC membership is $10 per month. That’s a Starbucks run, Less than one lunch out, and less than I paid for peanuts, a water and a cheeseburger at my son’s t-ball game! What do you have to lose? Join us!

Our community is accessed through a the private Facebook group, Strong to the Core, which you can be a part of monthly or annually. Payments are made through PayPal at this link.

30 Day Guarantee: What’s a 30 Day Challenge without a 30 Day Guarantee? If you join…and do not think this is the best $10/month you’ve spent on yourself…I will give you your money back. Try it…and let’s get stronger, faster, and healthier together!

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Short Bio: Hi! I’m Amy Magdalein and I am a RRCA Certified Running Coach. I am the Owner and Head Coach of Moms on the Run Jacksonville and a Coach for Charge Running. I’ve have completed 18 Marathons, 50+ Half Marathons, and tons of shorter distance races.

Running has changed my life in so many positive ways and I love sharing my knowledge and passion with others to help them achieve their goals.

Just like you, running is my first love, but I know that in order to be better at the sport…I must also work on strength, stability and power. Runners tend to avoid strength, so I started Strong to the Core to help us stay on track!

Wolfson’s Children’s Challenge 30K

Read more about me and my journey here.

Get a sneak peak of past challenges and an idea of what it’s all about here. We have a new exercise calendar every month! Feel free to reach out to me to ask any questions you may have through Instagram or Facebook.

17 thoughts on “About Strong to the Core

  1. Coach Amy and the Core group are amazing! I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for support, friends, or accountability, I have learned so much already, my questions are answered no matter how silly, and I’ve seen improvements in my running after one week. I have never felt more at home than with this group of amazing people!!

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