July 2017 Challenge: Fitness is a Lifestyle

“Take care of your body; it’s the only thing you have to live in.”

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It is crazy to think about your body that way — a house you have to live in — forever. It really puts your lifestyle in regard to fitness and nutrition into a whole new perspective. It is essential to understand that anything you eat, drink, or do to your body affects it in some way.

Dieting is not a longterm approach. All “diets” are short term, ultimately leading to negative results. We’re not all here for with the goal to lose weight…so I don’t want to make that front and center. I’d rather us throw away the “diet mentality” and strive towards a healthier life overall.

Work out and make healthy eating choices whenever possible. We are human…so being “good” all the time isn’t really realistic. But if you think “moderation”, and continue to keep your physique and strength goals in mind, you will make progress! After all…the end goal is a happy, healthy lifestyle…a house we can live in comfortably for the rest of our life!

This month we are throwing in some fun new options that I hope will keep us motivated and working towards our goal of a healthy overall lifestyle. You can pick and choose what suits you, or jump in for each extra challenge. It’s up to you and your personal goals.

Here’s what’s in store for July:

  • Quick Morning Workout – Great for everyone but especially those who work out later in the day
  • Negative Pull Up Challenge – Need a pull up bar or access to a gym
  • Global 5K on Saturday, July 15th or Sunday 16th
  • Monthly Miles Challenge – commit to a mileage goal for July

Again, these are optional, but they are all easy additions that will help keep you motivated and working towards your goals. Remember that setting small goals are the key to reaching the bigger ones!

On day 1 (Saturday, July 1st), we will post with the challenges that we will commit too. I want you to write down your goals and put them in a place you will see them each morning. Just a quick note to yourself that you put on your bathroom mirror, the table beside your bed, or on your refrigerator. Post with your goals and a picture of the “note to yourself” and where it is placed.

Below are the “extra” challenge details:

  1. Quick Morning Workout – Every day, wake up and do this quick morning workout first thing, before you are even fully awake. It’s quick and will get you and your metabolism moving. Take a screen shot of this workout and save it to your phone or print it out so you can find it easily each morning. After a few days, you should have this emblazoned on your memory and be able to knock it out quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.06.37 AM

2. Negative Pull Ups Callenge – The negative pull up challenge does require a pull up bar or access to a gym with a pull up bar. If you want to join in and build strong, toned arms, you can find a pull up bar pretty cheap on Amazon or eBay. This is a great way to work towards being able to do a “real” pull up in the future. Have to start somewhere!

The negative pull-up involves performing only the lowering phase of the exercise, and is a popular technique when building strength for full pull-ups.

Negative pull-ups are a popular progression exercise used to help develop strength for the full pull-up. The exercise involves only performing the lowering phase (eccentric portion) of the standard pull-up, starting in the flex hang and moving into the dead hang position. This portion of the exercise is less difficult than the pulling phase (in part because you’re working with gravity and not against it) and will help develop the muscles and skills necessary for progressing to the full movement.

How to do Negative Pull-ups

  1. Grip an overhead bar or rings and get into the top most position of the pull-up exercise (see flexed arm hang position – arms flexed and chin above the bar). Use a partner or bench to help get into position if you’re not strong enough.
  2. Slowly lower yourself down, taking as much time as possible, into the dead hang position (arms fully extended).
  3. Jump back into the starting position and repeat the process.
  4. Work towards 3-5 negative pulls each weekday to start. Take the weekends off to rest and recover.
  5. As you get stronger, add 1-2 additional repetitions per day.


  • Keep the negative pull-up movement slow and controlled.
  • Engage the upper body muscles to create tension throughout the exercise.

Here’s a quick video tutorial

3. Global 5K – Below is a excerpt from the Runkeeper Global 5K July Challenge. We don’t all use Runkeeper and that is ok. If you want to join the Runkeeper challenge and log your miles there, that’s great. If not, you can still run this Global 5K and log your miles with us! All you need to do is plan to run a 5K sometime on July 15th or 16th, and let us know you got your run in. This is a Saturday and Sunday, so if you need more than 3.1 miles, you can do a warm up, restart for your Global 5K to get your time, then restart your device again to get in your remaining miles. Use these miles as your cool down. Who knows, with a great warm up, this might be your best 5K ever!

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.29.15 PM

Click here to officially join the Runkeeper 5K Challenge!

4. Monthly Miles Challenges – This challenge is an individual goal you set for yourself and should be realistic and achievable. If you are new to running, set a small goal that you can work towards. 5-10 miles per week means 20-40 miles for the month. Every running step counts!

If you’ve been running for a while, challenge yourself to do a little more than you’re used to. Normally log 15 miles a week? Add 1-2 extra miles each week. Get in 25-30 miles a week? Shoot for 3-5 more. DO NOT set an unrealistic goal, or one that adds too many miles too quickly. The suggested increase in weekly mileage is about 10% per week. Don’t overdo it and get hurt, but use this as an opportunity to push yourself a little more than you normally would.

July 2017 Challenge Calendar

On to the “meat”of our 2017 July Challenge. This month’s calendar is below. It is set up just like June, but with some new exercises and some familiar and popular exercises.

June was a great month with lots of you stepping up and doing more than you would without the #CoreCrew. We also had some people fall off so I hope to see them jump back in and make a new commitment for July.

Since there are so many different exercises, I will be posting daily “how to” videos as I did in June. The buddy system has worked extremely well and we are continuing that again in July. But…time to pick new buddies! PLEASE branch out and choose a new buddy for July. If you aren’t sure or are shy, let me know and I will help pair you up.

Our July calendar is below. Take a look and get ready for another great month!

July 2017 Challenge Calendar - Final .png