January 2018 Challenge: The Little Things…

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Just like every other new year,  we think big and give ourselves high expectations.

Just like every other year, we set out to do great things.

Just like every other year, we look forward to this year being the best year ever!

Then we get a few days, a few weeks, a few months into the new year, and we realize that we’re no longer focused on our “big goals”. We let life get in the way, time slips away, and we notice that 2018 is becoming just like every other year. Another year where we do the same things, get the same results and end up putting off off the little things that help us achieve our dreams.

We’ve made some New Years resolutions and written them down to make them real to us. Some of them are big goals, some of them are smaller goals…but they are all important to us. So how do we reach them?

It’s the little things! 

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The little things are what make life BIG! The little things are the steps to reaching our BIG goals! The little things are even what helps us reach our small goals!

The little things…like planning ahead, doing the steps to get us ready (strength training, stretching, rolling, getting enough sleep, fueling), preparing ourselves, checking things off our list, and making each small moment count.

The little things that we can do each and every day are what will get us ready to reach our goals and what will make 2018 NOT just another year. These little things help us inch closer and closer to those big goals so they aren’t so big anymore. They become manageable and attainable!

Instead of constantly stressing over the big end goal, we MUST do the little things day in and day out so when the time comes, our big goals are within our grasp.

This concept goes for everything…it applies to family, work, and friends…it applies to our goals of getting our homes in order, our finances in order, repairing relationships, and enjoying time with our children. And of course, it applies to our health and fitness goals!

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Get your workout in early. Call that friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make that date night with your hubby. Sit down and do homework with your little ones. Pick a room and start organizing. Make a list of the little things that will help you get closer to the BIG GOALS that will make 2018 the best year EVER!

Don’t get to the end and realize your big goals are still just out of reach. Enjoy each day, each moment and do the little things that allow you to see your dreams become reality.

Our January 2018 Challenge is NOT just another New Years Challenge. We aren’t going to kill ourselves in January trying to cross those big goals off our list. We’re going back to the little things that make us stronger and lay the foundation which allows the big goals to come naturally.

January Challenge: The Little Things…

Since it’s the little things that help us reach our big goals, I want us to stick with the “simplicity” theme from December and go with workouts that are quick yet still very effective. It doesn’t take long drawn out gym sessions to get stronger. If we can add a little strength for specific areas 4 days a week, we will see improvements in our stability, flexibility, power, endurance and speed! Some days workout will take up to 20 minutes, and others will take as little as 5 minutes.

Here’s how it’s set up:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Hips/Glutes
  • Wednesday: Quick Workout
  • Thursday: Arms
  • Friday: Core
  • Saturday & Sunday: Warms up, Long Runs, Rolling Stretching, Active Recovery & Yoga!

As always, check the pinned post at the top of our group page for daily motivation, good info for runners on the “why” we do what we do, bonus exercises, stretches, rolling, pop ups like small healthy eating and mileage challenges. There’s always something fun going on in STTC!

Daily Post Options: Our daily reminders are posted on the Strong to the Core blog, shared to the group, and pinned to the top of our group page. If you would like to receive these daily posts by email, please sign up to “follow by email” on our blog page.

January Buddy: Having a buddy can increase your chances of success! We like to post each day when we get our workout done and want you to also. It’s not a requirement, but it does have benefits! It allows us to cheer you on and it motivates others to get it done too! There’s also a “challenge winner” for each month. This is someone who stands out to me and who gets each day done and tells us about so we can feed off their energy! Tag your buddy when you post. Maybe they are having a rough day or maybe they just don’t feel like doing it. Your post and encouragement can change their outlook! Or even just guilt them into getting it done. Whatever works right! 😉

Some members form groups that work really well and they stay together for a month or more. Others like to switch it up, meet new people and find motivation in someone new. Comment on today’s post if you are looking for a buddy and someone will jump in and buddy up or I will match you will someone I think would be a great fit!

Ready for a brand new month, a brand new year, and the continuation of our journey to health and fitness? We know that being healthy isn’t something you just do every once in a while if we want to be healthy and fit for life. It’s the little things that we do each and every day hat make life BIG!

Bye bye 2017….this Crew is ready to leap into 2018!

January 2018 Challenge: The Little Things...