April 2016 Challenge

abs in april challengeOne year ago we started a group to help us get ready for Summer. 30 Days to a Stronger You was born with the April 2015 Core Plank Challenge! One year later we are going stronger than ever and Strong to the Core is going back to the beginning and crushing this month with a killer ab focused challenge!

We will still work our legs and arms…can’t let those gains be lost…but every day we will put some effort into toning our abs to get ready for those teeny bikinis!

The basics stay the same….daily strength exercises, running drills, speed work, AND to go along with our ab work we are going to start a 21 day No Junk Food Challenge…are you ready? It’s going be a crunch crazy, killer workout month!

No Junk Food Challenge

First things first…food. This is going to be a BIG part of the first 3 weeks of our Challenge. No Junk Food…that means no cookies, cake, donuts, muffins, candy, pastries, chocolate, white bread, ice cream, chips, soda….and NO fast food. Can you do it?

Here’s the thing…I believe in moderation. So cutting out everything for the entire 3 weeks is going to be hard. If there is one thing on this list that you absolutely must have….take one day a week and treat yourself. That doesn’t mean gorge on it…it means have a small treat. ONE DAY ONLY!! And only something small to keep you in check. Doable? YES!

On to the fun stuff…exercises. 🙂

This month’s exercise routine will follow the same schedule:

  1. Monday and Thursday – Legs
  2. Tuesday and Friday – Arms
  3. Wednesday and Sunday – Abs
  4. Saturday – Long run + planks & stretches

form habitsWe’re going to do some familiar exercises…and some new ones. Please pay attention to your form for ALL the exercises. Watch these “How to” videos closely to ensure you are doing them correctly.

Remember…improper form means you will not benefit from your hard work…and could lead to injuries. If you feel pain…stop… find out what you are doing wrong by watching the “How to” videos again. Reach out to me by personal message on Facebook here or email me directly here. If an exercise just doesn’t work for you, we can find you a new one to replace it without causing you pain.

Stretches: Please stretch EVERY DAY! There are daily stretches that will focus on the area we are working that day. Keep your muscles soft and limber by stretches them for a few seconds (:30) after your done with your workout. This is just as important as getting your exercises done so please do not skip them.

After your run…every run…take a few extra minutes to do our 7 Key Stretches for Runners. I know all the stretching takes extra time…but doing them now will ward off injuries and prevent you from being unable to pound pavement in the future.

Running Drills and Speed Work: Each week I will continue to add running drills and speed work to our schedule. Doing these drills will give you better form, stronger hips, legs, and glutes….and will help you get faster. I know I know…not everyone cares about getting faster. But once you do get a little faster…you will find that you love it! A few seconds here and there make a big difference! Try it. 🙂

Ready to get to work? Here’s the April 2016 Challenge Calendar. Print it out. Put it somewhere you can see it everyday. I will continue with our daily posts to motivate you and remind you what our exercises and drills are…but putting this is a place you can see it will remind you to get it done each day.


April 2016 Challenge Calendar