February 2017: “How To” Extras

This is the page where you will find how to videos for our daily planks and wall sits, plus videos for push ups and the Superman Challenge. These are exercises we will do almost everyday…so get to know them well! 🙂

Plank: A staple in every runner’s arsenal. This move will work your arms, back, legs, and core. Watch Scott Herman show us how it’s done.

Wall Sit: Runners who want to increase speed, build endurance, and have the ability to tackle hills with a breeze need to have strong quads. Strengthening your thighs can also prevent injuries such as runner’s knee. This common injury is tied to a combination of weak quads and hips and tight hamstrings and calves. Wall sits are the perfect exercise to strengthen your upper legs.

Push Ups: You may already know how to do a push up…if not watch this video for a few variations and modifications you can apply to help you get stronger.

Superman: Strengthen your back and core with the Superman Challenge!