July Challenge: Summer Time Madness


Summertime MadnessThomas Edison once said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine; instead he will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, nutrition and the cause and prevention of disease.”

Instead of taking medicine to core our ailments, the Core Crew practices daily strength, cardio, stretching and healthy eating (most of the time) and of course RUNNING to transform our body into a healthy machine that will keep us going for years to come.

Now is the time to make the commitment and July is a great month to start! It’s summer time…bikini weather…time to play, have fun…and work our butts off!

We have plenty of time before the weather starts to turn…so let’s work hard, run hard, play hard, and go crazy…cause summer time is the best time to KILL IT!

For July we are sticking with our 30 Day Challenge theme and will have days focused on arms, abs, and legs…but we are adding some new moves so make sure you a watch the “how to” videos and doing each one correctly!

Work hard play hardOn top of our monthly challenge calendar we will continue to challenge you to get out and run! And as always there will be bonus workouts, running drills, speed work, Racery, and other fun stuff that pops up throughout the month. Remember that each day you have to wake up and recommit to making time for YOU. Switch it up when you need to…make it work for you and your schedule. But no matter what…DO NOT QUIT!

Ready to work hard and play harder! Let’s do this!!Drink more water

For our “food challenge” for July how about committing to drinking more water? I drink a good amount of water…but I can always do better! Who’s in? Make a daily goal for yourself, commit to it tomorrow in your Day 1 post, then use MyFitnessPal or write down your water intake so you can keep track.

On to the good stuff. Below is our July 2016 Challenge Calendar. Print it out and put it somewhere you will see it every morning. Make a plan to get it done…don’t put it off till the end of the day!

PLEASE take the time to watch our “how to” videos. I have broken up the pages into arms, legs, and abs so the exercises are easier to find and you don’t have to scroll through all them to find what you need. Keep these links hands and check back anytime you need a reminder.

July 2016 Challenge “how to” videos:

Questions? Please ask! Reach out to me anytime on Facebook through PM an my personal page here or post on Strong to the Core and get advice and feedback from the rest of our awesome Core Crew. 🙂

If you want to go back and find a post for a specific day, scroll down under the calendar and you will find links to each day going back to the first of the month.

Remember to switch things up when you need to and make it work for your schedule. If you miss a day here and there, don’t stress out over it…just jump back in and get moving again. The most important thing you can give yourself is time for you. So make it work….and never give up!

July 2016 Challenge Calender

Day 1: Let’s Get This Party Started Right!

Days 2 & 3: Mind Over Miles

Day 4: Celebrate Freedom!

Day 5: To Die For Triceps

Day 6: Results or Excuses?

Day 7: Persist and Improve

Day 8: Armed and Fabulous

Days 9 & 10: Make Time To Run

Day 11: Stay Focused

Day 12: More Sweat Less Jiggle

Day 13: Serious Abs Brewing

Day 14: Legs! – No Link

Day 15: Halfway Through

Day 16 & 17: Keep the Dream Alive!

Day 18: How Strong are Your Quads?

Day 19: The Balanced Athlete

Day 20: It’s Crunch Time

Day 21: Legs a Shakin…Calories a Bakin

Day 22: Do You Iron?

Days 23 & 24: See FB – STTC (Weekend Long Run and Ab Pyramid)

Day 25: It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day!

Day 26: Brand New Ending

Day 27: Welcome to Wednesday!

Day 28: I Will Find You….

Day 29: It’s Friday!!!

Day 30: Run, Plank, Stretch!