About Coach Amy


Me and Silas – 2015 Fun Run

I am an avid runner and love running long distance. Over the past 3 years, I have logged more than 5000 miles in my running shoes. I have ran 50+ Half Marathons, 13 full Marathons and numerous smaller distances races with a few OCR’s thrown in.

I’m an RRCA Certified Running Coach, Owner and Head Coach of Moms on the Run Jacksonville, Founder and Coach of Strong to the Core, a marathon & half marathon pacer for Galloway and Marathon Pacing and I absolutely love what I do! Seeing my client and friends improve their health and fitness, and become stronger, faster runners is extremely rewarding and so much fun! Helping strangers on a race course reach their time goals while chatting about running and life along the way is a blast! 

One of my favorite races in 2015…wait who am I kidding…I loved them all! Seriously tho…one of my favs was the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC. I ran for the Burma Humanitarian Mission which made the training and race even more memorable. Read all about the cause here.

In 2017, I trained for another bucket list race, the New York City Marathon! Training in the heat of the summer, in Florida, was no joke, but I loved every minute and was able to crush my marathon finishing with a 30 minute PR!

I am not an elite runner, but my passion for this sport keeps me pushing to be better, to know more, and to share my knowledge with others.

Running became a passion for me after I had my son in 2010.  I was overweight from the pregnancy and wanted so badly to get back to a healthy size. I was walking a lot but I just wasn’t burning enough calories and the weight wasn’t coming off. My mom, a long time runner, suggested starting a run/walk routine that would ease me into it. I balked for a while but she finally got me out there and within four months I had shed 60 pounds and felt amazing. Fast forward 8 years and I am still running and the weight has stayed off!

In our house we make running and being active a family affair. My boyfriend Chad and my son Silas love to run too! Chad runs for the Runwell Foundation which provides support and guidance for those suffering from addiction. Runwell gives people a reason to choose a healthy “runners high” over drugs and alcohol. Silas has done several 1 mile fun runs, a few 5Ks and even got a first place finish! I love to see families working out together! Teaching children the importance of being active when they are young will help them live a healthy lifestyle. But you can’t just tell them…you have to show them!

In 2017, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchased a Moms on the Run franchise. My goal is to help women get off the couch, make time for themselves, and get healthy and fit while having fun and meeting new friends. Now finishing our 2nd year of Moms on the Run Jacksonville, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with so many wonderful and we are consistetnly growing and helping more women!

Looking for a fun group of women to run with in Jacksonville, Florida? Check out Moms on the Run Jacksonville.

Not in Jacksonville but need a running coach to help you reach your goals? Find out more about me and how to work with be one on one here.

Happy Running! — Amy

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