How To: Monday – Full Body

pain-in-all-bodyMonday is a full body exercise day. Push hard through each of these exercises and feel the burn ALL over!

Clean & Press: This exercise works our shoulders, back, triceps, abs, glutes, and quads. Great full body exercise!

Since this exercise requires both sides, doing 1 set of 10 = 5 per side. We want to keep our exercises short but effective so don’t overdo it, but use your heaviest weight you can and push hard through the whole move. Here’s how it’s done.

Soldier Twist: Works arms, core, legs – This exercise is similar to a burpee but requires less force and allows you to walk down into the plank position.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands at your sides. Bend at waist, and bring hands to floor. Walk your hands forward into a high plank. Quickly walk hands back to feet, bend knees, and jump, turning around midair.

Click here to see how it’s done. It’s exercise #1. 1 set = one side so 10 = 5 on each side.


Primal Crawl: Works core, glutes, legs – This will be fun!

Start in a high plank, with your knees gently bent. Crawl forward, leading with right leg and arm as you straighten left leg. Repeat on opposite side, then reverse direction to return to start. Up and back is one rep. You don’t have to crawl your entire floor…do a few up and back for 1 rep. Click here and scroll to exercise #2 to see how it’s done.


Yes Kick: Works shoulders, core, legs – Another great full body move. 5 kicks per side = 1 rep. Click here and scroll to exercise #5 for a demonstration.

Start faceup in a tabletop position. Keep hips raised and back straight as you kick right foot to ceiling. Bring right foot to floor as you kick your left foot up.