May 2017: Summer Beach Body Challenge!

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Ready to work on your summer beach body, burn tons of extra calories, be accountable to your Crew and build strength at the same time?

Here comes the May 2017 Summer Beach Body Challenge!

This month we are taking a step back from our traditional daily exercises for a more random and fun month! With fewer exercises, and less repetitions, EVERYONE can make a commitment and FINISH the entire month.

Don’t get me wrong, it will still be a great month of strength and cardio and we will still be running! Watch for lots of bonus videos and I am also throwing out a weekly 5K Challenge. More info on that below 🙂

Accountability is a big part of our group. We help each other stay accountable by posting each day when we get our exercises done. This month we are going to pick a #CoreCrew buddy to help us be even more accountable. I want each of you to pick someone from the group that you connect with. Multiple buddies are OK too. On day 1, tell us who your buddy is and then watch for your buddy to post that they have gotten the day done. If you don’t see them, reach out to them and find out what is going on in their day. Be supportive and gently remind them about their daily exercise and food challenge goals.

If you are shy or just don’t like posting, I will be your buddy! You can send me your daily recap through private messenger and I will look for your messages and help you be accountable! Don’t think of this as a burden….instead think of your buddy as your accountability lifeline. The person who will help you achieve your goals and give you the extra push you need to get it done. 🙂

Here is how the month is set up…each day we will have 3-4 exercises that will fire up your core AND your cardio. Some days will include arm and/or leg strength and every day, except for Mother’s Day (our one rest day this month) we will be doing a plank or a wall sit. If there are exercises you cannot do, let me know and I will find a replacement for you. With only a few exercises, it’s important to find ones that will get you fired up but that will not cause pain or discomfort!

All of these exercises should be familiar to you so I am not doing “how to” video pages for May, but if there are any exercises you’re not sure about, please let me know and I will do a video for you. 🙂

May 2017 30 Day Challenge Calendar is below. This isn’t all we are doing this month. Keep reading! 🙂

May 2017 30 Day Challenge Calendar - Final

We all know that Summer Beach Bodies are made in the kitchen! So to go along with our May theme, we are adding in a food challenge.  21 days – no junk! Plus a “weekly” challenge that will help you make better choices, cut back on portion sizes, and drink more water. Rules are below.

Can you give yourself 21 days of clean eating? This will be a challenge for me too…but we can do this together and get ready for summer!

So no junk, no fried stuff, no extra sugar, lots of water, fruit and veggies and small portions. ONE treat on the weekend. 21 days is doable if you make the commitment and plan ahead. If you do…it will be worth it!

May Weekly 5K Challenge: The last part of our May 2017 Challenge is a weekly 5K. We’re going to start out Week #1 with a test run to see where we’re at then each week we will work on getting a little bit faster. Plan ahead to ensure you have time to get it done and have good weather. Maybe you need to run early to beat the heat, or maybe you need run in the evening to avoid the sun and afternoon showers, maybe lunch time is best for you…whatever works but make a plan. Make sure you have a few days between your weekly 5K and your long run so you have fresh legs to go long!

You can do this in a couple different ways. If 3.1 miles is on the higher side mileage wise for you, then you will go out and run or run/walk 3.1 miles and log your time. This will be your starting point. Each week you will push yourself to go just a little bit faster!

If 3.1 miles is on the shorter side mileage wise for you, I want you to go out and do a one mile warm up, a 3 mile run at race pace (TBD), then a 1 mile cool down. So you will get 5.1 miles minimum on these days. Not sure what your race pace is or just want to make sure you are pushing yourself hard enough? Find a recent race and PM me with the details. I will let you know what pace you should be aiming for.

I want you to think about this as a “mini” race. Each week your goal is to get progressively faster, even if it’s just a few seconds. This “mini” race can be on your speed work day or on a “tempo” run day.

If you’re not sure about how to go about this, PLEASE reach out to me. I am here to help! I want you to benefit from this exercise in a few ways.

  1. Find out where you’re currently at
  2. Give yourself mini goals to reach
  3. Build confidence
  4. Learn how to pace yourself for a 5K
  5. Get ready for summer 5K races!

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What do you think about our May Challenge? Hope you love it!

While we are taking a small step back from the more extensive challenge calendar, we are still going to get a great workout each day and we’ll be working on our short distance speed. Lots of little steps to reach our goals!

Make a commitment to follow the exercise schedule, run, stretch, roll, and eat clean.

Who’s with me?

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