Running Coach

Running is a blessing and a passion for me. It gives me an outlet…a way to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s a fun way to get exercise and it keeps me fit. Running challenges me because there is always room for improvement and  small improvements, every small accomplishment, makes me want more!

Even better, running has given me a community of wonderful friends. People I never would have met if I hadn’t laced up and got out the door!

I may not be an elite runner but I know a lot about running! I’m always striving to improve and find so much joy in helping others reach their goals. I can help you run longer, stronger and faster too.

Need someone to help you train for your next race? Looking for direction, motivation, accountability and advice? Someone with the knowledge to create a plan for you based on your current fitness level, your personal needs and your lifestyle? Want a coach who will cheer you on and help you create a plan that will take you the distance? You’ve come to the right place! Let me be your phone call in the middle of your long run, your motivation when you want to quit and your advisor when life throws you curve balls.

As an RRCA Level II Certified Running Coach, Galloway Certified Running and Running Revolution Certified Coach, I have the knowledge and tools to build you a training program that fits your needs. As a runner myself, I will work with you, your training needs and your schedule as changes happen in training and fitness.

If you are looking for a running coach who is more than just a planner, someone who also becomes a friend and who cares about your triumphs and your failures, a coach who will be involved instead of disappearing after you get started and one who will answer the phone in the middle of a tough run or push you out the door on days when you just don’t wanna…let’s chat!

I won’t coddle you or pretend that improvements come easy but I will give you the tools you need to be successful. I will help you make smart decisions through education and consistency and I will push you to be your best everyday.

We will work together to help you achieve your running goals and become a stronger, faster, more confident runner. Send me an email or private message and let’s chat!

Amy’s knowledge and passion for running reflects in her coaching. Her customized training plans offer flexibility, ongoing motivation and support to ensure goals are met. She has been the biggest influence in my development not only as a better and smarter runner but also in my new found belief in myself and growth as a person. Working with Amy has led to PRs for me in 5K, 10K, 15K, Half marathon and marathon plus a BQ. Awesome coach and inspirational lady. – Lynne

I never considered hiring a running coach prior to meeting Amy Magdalein. Running was something I loved to do but I never really set goals or pushed myself in any way. That all changed when I met Amy in 2015 through a Facebook group called Strong to the Core. Through this group that she leads, I learned the importance of strength training for runners. It wasn’t long after that I hired Amy as my coach in 2017 and she remains my coach to this day. Amy encouraged me to set big goals – to push myself emotionally, mentally and physically. I have learned the value of speed work, tempo runs, double days, bridge repeats, fartleks, long runs and rest days. Through her training plans, I have successfully been able to structure my runs around my busy life, leaving out the guess work and the ability to simply lace up my shoes and just run.

In the two years since I first hired Amy as my running coach, I have PR’d the half marathon distance twice, shaving 13 minutes off my best time prior to her coaching; I have PR’d the 5K distance, shaving off more than 3 minutes; and lastly, training for and running my first marathon, to then turn around and run a second marathon 8 weeks later, shaving off 4 ½ minutes. Those statistics speak volumes to the type of coach Amy Magdalein is and her ability to turn a lazy runner into someone with big goals to chase and achieve. I owe a lot to Amy and her mentoring over the last two years. She has taught me so much about the art of running, the need for goal setting, looking at the big picture and that hard work really does pay off. I not only consider her my coach but also my friend. That is a winning combination in my mind. – Meghan

Private/One on One Coach Pricing: $150/every 4 weeks (Click HERE to schedule a Consultation)

Private/One on One Coaching Includes:

  • Consultation: Initial phone call to get to know each other and discuss your goals, life/family/work situations and current fitness level.
  • Weekly training program tailored to your needs and goals. Your training schedule will change over the course of your training. We will be in contact regularly to discuss your training and make adjustments. Injuries, niggles, pain, sickness, tired and unforeseen circumstances all affect your training and means changes will be needed and we will make those changes together as we go.
  • Final Surge Training Platform – You will be invited to join my Coaching team on the Final Surge training platform. Connect your tracking device (Garmin, Strava, Apple Watch Coros) and your workouts upload automatically. We will track your progress and communicate about workouts within the platform.
  • Contact – I am available to you (within reason) when you need to chat, vent or cry. We will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. I am available to my runners by text, email and FB messenger, but I also love a good old phone call 😊 so let’s chat!
  • Strong to the Core Membership – Strong to the Core is a monthly Strength program set up for runners needs, with daily strength routine options, group accountability, informational, motivational and accountability posts and a group of like minded runners who help us get through lulls in our fitness. I believe strength training is a key ingredient to running faster and injury free and strength will be a big part of your training.

Group (In Person and Virtual) Training: Dependent on Race Distance and Training Block Time – Please contact for current pricing and availability – Click HERE to schedule a call.

If you are looking for a fun, motivating, and inspiring environment to workout, Strong to the Core is your place! This is the best workout and group of people you will ever know. It goes beyond working out, beyond friendships and beyond being mindful of your health. It actually works! Never assume it is intimidating, no one will make you feel like that. The core members are beyond encouraging and Amy is, well the best running/strength coach I have ever had. We work hard, but Amy makes sure we have fun and is with us the whole way! It’s not just a community of friends, we are like family! – Pam

Learn more about me and my journey here.

Contact me by email with questions or click HERE to set up a time to for a consultation.

Need a quick chat or video call update with your running coach? Click HERE for multiple scheduling options.

Happy running! — Amy

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    • You are doing so great Robert and you have SO much potential. I’m excited to help you reach your goals! Let’s see how next weekend’s race goes then let’s find some time to chat. 🙂


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