August: “How To” Arms

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.48.39 AMA lot of our arm exercises this month are going to target our arms and core. Remember to keep those core muscles tight and engaged while doing these exercises!

Walking Push Up: Start in a high plank position do a full push up then walk to the side with your hands and feet and do another push up. Try to do the full push ups first then drop to your knees if needed to complete the round but come back up on your feet for the walking portion. Keep that core tight!

Forarm Plank Jacks: Get in a low forearm plank position and jump in and out with your legs. Each jump in and out is one repetition.

Inchworm with Shoulder Taps: Start in a high plank position and walk your arms back towards your legs then back out again. As your walking or inching your way towards your feet tap your shoulders rotating each arm. To make this a little easier you can just tap your shoulders when you get back into the full plank position. Up and back once is one rep.

Front and Side Arm Raises: We’ve done these before but here is a reminder. Keep your arms straight and bring them all the way up parallel to your body.

Incline Push Ups: Find a wall, a sturdy end of a couch or a flat bench and place your hands against it wider than shoulder width apart. With your feet stable a couple of feet behind you, press until your arms are fully extended. Flex and squeeze your chest, shoulders and arms at the top then slowly lower yourself to the start. When your chest reaches an inch or so away from the stable platform, press yourself up again and repeat.

Rolling Forearm Side Plank: Position your arms one over the other and go down into a plank position. Keep your abs tight and hips down. This creates a nice solid base.
Roll and open into a side plank with your hips and arm up. Support yourself on your other forearm. Keep your body straight. Hold pose. Come back down into your base plank. Roll to the other side.

Tricep Dip with Leg Extension (Leg Lifted): We’re no strangers no Tricep Dips but are stepping it up a notch this month and making them a little bit harder. Just lift one leg as you go down then switch and lift the other leg. 5 times on each side equals 1 set of 10 for this exercises.