July “How To” Videos

How to image2This is the page where you will find “how to” videos for burpees and planks. You will also see links to the separate pages for the “how to” videos for arms, legs, and abs. I am separating them into individual pages to make them easier to find.

Please refer back to this page throughout the month to ensure you are using the proper form and avoiding injury.

Click here for Arm videos

Click here for Leg videos

Click here for Ab videos

Burpees: How to do a perfect burpee. We all know how good burpees are…they work our entire body…and we are doing them 5 days a week this month. Learn how to do them correctly…and make modifications when you need to but DO NOT SKIP THEM!

Plank: Planks are FUN! They are great for our arms, legs, back and core. If you don’t know how to do them yet…please watch Scott Herman show us how it’s done the right way.