September 2017: Calm in the Chaos

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After a few tough months of new exercises, it will be nice to get back to simple, effective exercises that we already know and love. Well…at least like…I hope! 🙂

With school back in session, and routines getting back to normal, it might be a little easier to make time for ourselves. Then again, sports, homework, and life in general still gets in the way. BUT when we exercise, it allows us to get purge the stress of our day, increase our endorphins and be happier people.

Exercise should be our “calm in the chaos”. Our time for “us” during busy schedules and being pulled in so many different directions. But it should not always be anxiety inducing and stressful. This month, I want you to feel strong and confident. I want you to go into each day with a positive attitude and a spring in your step.

My hope is that this month will allow us to find the “calm in the chaos” while also continuing our pursuit of strength and our running goals.

“Calm in the chaos” sounds great, BUT we don’t want to get lackadaisical and take the easy way out. This “back to basics” month is a chance to push yourself without needing to look up lots of “how to” videos or feel anxious about your form. Instead, you should tackle the month with a renewed resolve to push hard knowing the end of the year is near and we all need to keep reaching towards those 2017 goals we set for ourself!

Here’s how it’s set up:

  1. Quick Morning Workout (#QMW) – This will be a simple, quick workout we can do each day. It doesn’t require workout clothes, or equipment and will only take a few minutes.
  2. Workout of the Day – 4 simple exercises focused on the areas Runners need most!  2-3 sets of 10 and sticking with our daily plank or wall sit.
  3. Quick Before Bed Workout (#QBBW) – Another quick and simple workout that will burn a few extra calories and help us tighten those muscles before we call it a night. Most of us will post long before we get in the #QBBW and that’s ok. You can include it in your next day’s post, or just revel in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to build your strength and confidence.

September Mileage: We are heading into the fall racing season, so keeping up your running and logging miles is always on our “to do” list. Remember to increase your weekly mileage slowly, BUT that an increase in overall mileage WILL help your running.

With that in mind, on Day 1 please share your mileage goals for September. Don’t be shy or think that your mileage is a good as someone else’s just because it isn’t as high. We are all at different levels in our fitness and training and each have personal goals to reach. Stand STRONG and PROUD and tell us your plan! ALL goals are welcome so don’t limit it to mileage!

Quick Workout Routines: Our Quick Morning Workouts have been a big success so we are going to continue it with a slightly different version and also add a quick before bed workout. We don’t want to get you hyped up before bedtime, but why not turn a couple more calories before calling it a night? Both of these routines are quick, simple and can be done anywhere!


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.34.25 AMHealthy Eating – We’re laying off the eating challenges this month but that doesn’t mean  you shouldn’t make healthy choices. Many of you have 2017 weight goals that you’re working towards so keep those in mind this month! Keep #SelfRespect top of mind!

September Buddy: I know you love your current buddy but it’s important to change it up, get to know someone new, and find motivation in new friends! This month, think about someone whose training is similar to yours. Maybe they are training for the same distance race, or struggling with similar issues. Connecting with your buddy will help push you and give you drive to do a little more than you would without them…and that’s what our #CoreCrew is all about!

September 2017 Challenge Calendar – Our September Challenge Calendar is below. I will put a PDF copy of this calendar in our files so you can print it out and keep it handy. I will include how to videos for our first week of exercises and post links in case you need them throughout the month but most of these exercises should be very familiar to you.

We are adding the stability ball exercises and I think you will love them. If you don’t have a stability ball, this would be a great addition to your workout arsenal. If you decide not to get one, use exercises that mimic these moves without the ball. You can always grab a pillow for the V-Pass and modify the other exercises to ensure you are working your core. 🙂

Our September calendar is below. Remember, you can find a PDF copy of this calendar in our Strong to the Core files so you can print it out and put it somewhere you can see if each morning. As always, check our daily “pinned post” for the day’s exercises, “how to” videos, bonus exercises, weekly speed work, and hopefully some motivation to get it done!

It’s time to get back to basics and find our calm in the chaos. Let’s do this Crew!

September 2017 Challenge - FInal .png