April 2018 Challenge: The Will To Work

Willing to work for it IMG_9318

Summer is coming and this means warm days (just plain HOT days for some of us) and less clothing to hide what we’ve neglected to work on through the winter. It means less racing for us in the south and more racing for those in the north. It means bikini weather is on the way….and that can be a little nerve wracking!

For those of us in the south whose long distance racing is coming to an end for a while, it can mean we’re logging fewer miles. Some people even take the summer off. In my opinion, this is a mistake. Especially if you want to pick back up in the fall. You don’t have to push as hard as you do during racing season, but keeping a good mileage base will help you transition smoothly into the fall without having to start over again.

Instead of hanging up your running shoes for a few months, pull back on your mileage or choose times of day when the heat is less intense like early mornings or late in the afternoon when the humidity starts to burn off. Find your BRFs and make a plan that will keep you running through these warmer days. And remember that as the temperature starts to rise, your pace should slow down.

It takes several weeks to acclimate to warmer temperatures. Don’t get down on yourself if you can’t run as fast, or as long as you have been recently. Give yourself a break and know that as you get used to it being warmer, your body will adjust and it will get easier again. Be patient!

For those in the North who are still waiting for the snow to melt, you are probably itching to log more miles outside and your chance is coming! Now is the time to have your training plan ready and ramp up your miles to get ready for those summer racing where the weather is perfect!

No matter if it’s getting hot or still miserably cold, you must find the will to keep working. Are you willing to put in the time? Are you willing to work out in less than ideal conditions?

Do you have the WILL to work hard for the results you want?

I know this Crew has the will. And you have a strength plan laid out for you. Get that running plan ready too and let’s work on that summer body and strong legs for race day!

The nitty gritty about April:

Since Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner so we are making April a “Summer Ready/Core Focused” month. This is probably a familiar theme to some of you as April tends to be directed at our midsection around here. 🙂 We will still be working on strength in our legs, hips, glutes and arms, but each day we will have exercises that focus specifically on our abs!

Mental Health Day was a big hit in March so we are keeping that in April as well. On Wednesdays we will do one :60 Plank and one :60 Wall sit but no other strength exercises. This will be your day to make up days you’ve missed, get in a great run and maybe some speed work, or just take the day to clear your head and do something nice for yourself.

I’ve been going back and forth about how to do our daily posts going forward and this is what I’ve come up with….I need to make sure that I am getting it all done, work, workouts, family responsibilities. The same as you, my life stays busy and I have to be able to balance it all without dropping any balls in the process. Some days are less busy than others and during these times I will continue to write our blog posts with the “why” we do what we do, other days you will get videos that will either be uploaded to our Facebook group or uploaded to the blog page. Either way, I promise our #CoreCrew family is very important to me and I will do the best I can every single day and I will make sure you have the info you need to get your workout in. Please be patient with me and know that I do the best I can with the time I have. 🙂

April Buddy System: We all know that the buddy system works. It’s not for everyone. Maybe you don’t need the extra motivation. Maybe you don’t want to be accountable or help motivate someone else. That is ok. But most of us do need the accountability and motivation. So buddy up Crew! If your team works and you are comfortable with it, don’t change it. If you are ready for a new buddy or just want to get to know someone new, there are lots of Crew members who need a great buddy so reach out to me or just put it out there in the group. It really can make a BIG difference in how your month goes!

April layout:

  • Sunday – Plank & Wall Sit + Active Recovery & Yoga for Runners
  • Monday – Legs & Abs
  • Tuesday – Hips and Abs
  • Wednesday – Plank & Wall Sit + Mental Health Day (great day for speed work! 🙂 )
  • Thursday – Arms & Abs
  • Friday – Abs & Abs
  • Saturday – Warm up, Long Run, Wall Sit & Plank, Legs Up the Wall, 7 Key Stretches for Runners + Pigeon Pose

Our exercises are pretty basic this month and they stay the same or very similar throughout the month so I’m hoping this will be easy to follow along with, especially after the first week. Don’t worry, I will continue to remind you how to do the exercises properly as we go.

If you are looking for our stretching or yoga options, you can always find them on the left side of our blog page on the online/PC version. If you are on the mobile or tablet version, use the drop down menu in the top left hand corner. It might be a good idea to save the home page to your phone as a favorite so you can find it easily.

Or you can come back to this page anytime (home page on our blog) and use the links below.

Check in the filed our Strong to the Core Facebook group for a PDF copy of the April calendar, print it out and put it somewhere you can see it each morning! You can cross off the days as you go and this can help serve as a motivator throughout the month.

Things come up as we go so if you have any questions about exercises, speed work or any other concerns, please reach out to me. I am here to help! I am available to answer any questions but with our group growing it’s hard for me to catch everything so make sure you tag me or just send me a private message here. Don’t hesitate to ask…I would rather you reach out then skip a workout or do it incorrectly.

It’s that time Crew….let’s Go!