How To: Friday – Abs


Friday is our 2nd ab day of the week and the start of our weekend! Always a favorite day!

Here’s our Friday ab exercises:

Renegade Rows: Yes, I know…this is a tough arm workout, but done correctly it’s also a good core move. Remember that you can do one arm at a time leaving the other hand flat on the floor. This will help keep the pressure off the bottom hand and alleviate possible pain.

Weighted Sit Ups: Use a plate or your dumbbells for this move. Pus your arms striaght up not forward.

Heel Touches: If you find this is easy for you, give yourself a challenge and try to do all the sets at one time. So 2 sets of 10 = 20, 3 sets of 10 = 30, etc…

Dead Bugs: Great exercise for those with back pain and a great way to strengthen our core. Remember to keep you back flat on the ground. For added resistence, add a light dumbell or medicine ball.