April 2017 “How To”: Arms – Monday

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Get ready for some good arm work this month Crew! Let’s feel that good burn!

Renegade Rows: The renegade row is an amazing functional upper body exercise that requires stabilization of the core. It recruits multiple muscle groups the way an athlete would in the real world, and not just isolating one muscle at a time.

Push Ups: Developing arm and core strength through push ups can contribute to better muscle and joint stability and strength, which, like the foundation of a house, reduces the risk of developing overuse injuries from a repetitive activity like running. Push-ups are one of the most well known exercises and work many of the muscles in the arms and upper body. There are many ways to do a push up. If you aren’t ready to do full body push ups, find a modification that works for you.

Bicep Curls: More weight is not better! Watch Michelle Trapp show us how it’s done.

Tricep Overhead Extensions: A strong arm swing comes from the back of our arms…and tricep overhead extensions are a great way to build strength in that area. Here’s Michelle Trapp again showing us the right way to do them.