January 2017: “How To” Wednesday Abs


How strong is your core?

Will it keep you upright and strong during long runs? I think we can ALL use more core work!

Check out this months Wednesday Ab work below.

Mountain Climbers: We are doing these slowly to really engage the core. You can use furniture movers, a towel, or paper plates to give yourself an additional challenge or you can just pull your legs in slowly using those abs. Up to you. This video shows slow mountain climbers without using any equipment.

Standing Oblique Crunch: I love this standing ab move! Remember to do both side and let’s handle that muffin top we developed over the holidays! This video shows without putting your foot down…try it. If you need a little more stability, put your foot down in between each move.

Russian Twists: Another one of my favorites. You can do this using just your hands or add weight. You can rest you feet just barely on the ground or list your feet off the ground to add some more difficulty. You do not need a bench for this…the floor is fine.