How To: Wednesday – Abs


Core strength is the main reason we started this group and one of the most important areas we can work as runners. A strong core will carry us through many tough workouts!

Here’s our Wednesday exercises:

Sharon’s Walk Down Planks: We all know that planks are one of the best exercises we can do for core strength. Sharon Bolton, a long time Core Crew member, shared her walk down plank with me and explained and how it has helped her gain balance and strength. Sharon, thank you for allowing me to share with our Crew! Watch as Sharon shows us how it’s done.

Lower Body Russian Twist: Remember the windshield wipers from our Ab Pyramid? Same thing…feel free to keep your knees bent or straighten your legs…legs straight is harder. Most importantly…keep that core engaged!

Standing Side Crunch: One of my favorites! Let’s get up off the ground and pull those ab muscles in as we if our legs up towards our arms. Keep the core tight and use your tummy muscles to drive that leg high.

In and Outs: This was one of our bonus moves from September so you should be familiar with it. Another great core exercise! Watch the video for a reminder on how it’s done.