August: “How To” Full Body

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 1.06.42 PMThese full body strength exercises will put all our muscles to use and will are a great way to build overall strength.

Apply the basic fundamentals to build a strong core, strong arms, and strong legs that will carry us through those long grueling races!

Superman: Increase body strength and flexibility with this Superman exercise. Love some Michelle Trapp! What level is best for you?

Single Arm Reverse Lunge Press: Another good full body exercise and this video will show you 3 different progression moves. Do what works best for you and move up as you get stronger.

Single Arm Deadlift to Hop: Build strength, stability, and power with this move!

Mountain Climbers with Towel or Furniture Movers: Another fabulous full body exercise! Make sure you engage your core and keep your hips and shoulders stable and as still as possible. Use your core to pull your legs in and your arms to keep your upper body from moving around.