February 2017 Challenge: Sit Less, Move More!


The cost of a double-bypass heart surgery roughly equals 310 pairs of running shoes. The average annual cost for Type 2 diabetes medicine would set you back a pair of shoes, glamorous sunglasses, and a vat of celebrity-endorsed sunblock every month.

Running and strength training reduces these costs and killers, scientifically incontrovertible, and with abundant proof to the human eyes. So why isn’t training actually prescribed as medicine?

Doctors are getting around to it. Since the mid-19080’s there has been no question that if you want a happier earthly existence, get off your rump!

The governments current recommendations call for 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, along with strength training at least twice a week. Even that is suggest as a MINIMUM weekly target and doesn’t take into account our age, health, history, BMI, gender–or that longevity might not be your only exercise goal.

Remember, these recommendations are merely the least of activity that reduces premature death as opposed to doing nothing at all. It’s well-known that more exercise yields better health.

A duo of very large current studies now proves that intensity in training…running for example…provides greater health benefits than moderate exercise. And more is better.

The study shows that those who have tripled the government’s recommendations have seen the greatest benefits.

That’s 450 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous exercise and 6 days of strength training! Don’t worry…we’re not doing quite that much.

February is bringing you another killer monthly challenge calendar with 4 days of strength work, 3 days of yoga, one long run day, speed work (high intensity exercise), and lots of stretching!

As always, it’s important to make our Core Crew workouts work for you. Don’t be afraid to move things around, make modifications when needed, or skip a workout here and there if you’re feeling under the weather. The key is to do more than you would on your own.

Stay accountable by posting each day, cheer on your fellow crew members when they are active, and remember…in February it’s all about sitting less and moving more!

Here we go!

February 2017 Challenge with “how to” video links:

On the calendar you will see how many reps/sets to do each day and it will also be posted in  our daily post in Strong to the Core. As always, each day we will do a :60 plank and for February we are stepping it up and adding a :60 wall sit each day. Great for quad strength!

The “extra” challenges in January went very well so I wanted to keep that trend going and continue with the push ups and add a superman challenge. The push ups will stay rather steady throughout the month since a lot of us did so many in January.

The Superman challenge will start at :10 on Day 1 and go up to 3:00 by Day 30. Don’t worry I will explain more about this portion of the challenge so stand by.

“How to” videos for each day’s exercises can be found in a link in the daily post or you can come here and click on the day above to find them. Calendar is below. You’ll find a PDF copy of the calendar in our Strong to the Core files. Print it out and put it somewhere you can see it each day. Cross off the days all the way to Day 30!

Sit Less, Move More…Let’s do this!