December 2016: End of the Year Challenge!

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-16-33-pmWe’ve been going strong all year but this time to year it gets harder to stay on track!

So many things are pulling us in different directions; family, friends, holiday parties, shopping, delicious food! On top of all the hustle and bustle, there’s also that “New Year’s Resolution” thing. A lot times we slack in December because we think we can reset in January and it will be “no big deal” but why start from behind?

Since we are extra busy, it is even more important to have a plan. If you don’t have a set time to get your workout in, life will get in the way and your goals will go on the back burner. It comes down to this…how important is it to you to maintain your gains and keep working toward your goals?

Don’t backslide! Let’s start 2017 off with our fitness intact and ready to make the new year the best ever!

December is going to be a little different. We will still have a calendar which you can see below, but it will show an overview of the areas we will be working that day instead of a list of exercises. It will be very important to check the “pinned” post each day to find get that day’s workout. I will have them up very early or the night before to accommodate our early risers!

Instead of a a few exercises with instructions for a certain # of sets, we are following videos! The Monday, Wednesday, and Friday videos will not change but the Tuesday and Thursday videos will be different workouts as we move throughout the month. If you find a good one please send it to me and I will incorporate it into our Challenge!

With so much research on the importance of strong hips and a strong core, we are continuing our trend from November and keeping the focus on…hips and core! 🙂

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Hips & Butt strength + mobility + Plank
  • Tuesday and Thursday – Compound full body moves including core, arms, additional leg work and ankle strength and mobility + Plank
  • Saturday – Long Run + 7 Key Stretches for Runners + Plank
  • 1 :60 Plank + Rest

We’re taking Sunday as a rest day…and a day for you to catch up and get some other things done. You can always switch it up and do your long run on Sunday and rest on Saturday. This should give us the time we need to make sure we are ready for the holidays… and to recoup and be ready to go hard on Monday! 🙂

In addition to the daily workout we will also have our bonus exercises, speed work, and food challenges sprinkled throughout the month. There will be no “how to” video pages this month since we are following a video each day, but it will be more important to check the daily “pinned” post to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

Since we won’t have “how to” video pages, click here search for daily posts you missed or want to do again. I will add links to this page throughout the month.

Ready for a great month and a strong end of 2016? I am! Make the commitment, plan your workout time in advance, and let’s keep getting stronger and fitter together Crew! 🙂


Day 1: Work For What You Want!

Day 2: TGIF Crew! 

Days 3 & 4: Go Long!

Day 5: Booty Burn!

Day 6: Full Body in 10

Day 7: The Forgotten Core

Days 8 – 11: Be Strong Crew!

Day 12: That Moment When…

Day 13: Pain In My Abs

Day 14: Switch it Up

Day 15: WAAAOOOOHH We’re Halfway There…

Day 16: Hip Hip Hoo Ray…It’s Friday!

Days 17 & 18: Weekend Long Run + Rest

Day 19: Choose to be Strong

Day 20: Small Efforts Every Day

Day 21: Hungry for Success

Day 22: Work it Out!

Day 23: Earn Your Cookies!

Days 24 & 25: Merry Christmas Crew!

Day 26: Get Motivated…Get Moving!

Day 27: Keep Working It