How To: Legs

Leg Day

September “How to” Legs:

One Legged Bridge: Great for leg strength…or add some short holds in between each bridge and fire up your core, back, and glutes in the same move.

Side Lunges: I’m not a huge fan of lunges because of the pressure they put on our knees but side lunges help us increase flexibility and strength in little-used muscles. Make sure you keep your core engaged and focus on your balance. Make it harder by not letting your outer leg touch the ground.


Side Lying Leg Lifts: The Side Lying Leg Lift is a good exercise for your glutes, abductors, and core if you’re holding in your core tight as you do the move. For added resistance, add an ankle weight.

Donkey Kicks + Fire Hydrants: Two moves in one again…sneaky but a quick way to get a good booty burn. This is another one of my favorite combinations. You will feel the burn quickly and build strength in your hips, hamstring, and glutes. I like to do one rep of each move but you can separate them and do donkey kicks first then fire hydrants as shown in the videos. Up to you how you get it done. Here’s how to do it:

Dumbbell Weighted Squats: Dumbell Squats work our legs, hamstrings, glutes, & inner thighs. If you’ve been doing squats all month in August…step it up and add more weight. Love how he adds the pulse at the end.

Deadlifts: Can you tell I’m a fan of Scott Herman? He explains the exercises perfectly and is easy on the eyes too. Watch him show us how to do a Dumbbell Deadlift below.