September 2016: How To Videos

Helpful How to

Below you will find the how to video for our Go To Move – The Plank + links to each of the “How To” videos pages for Arms & Back, Abs & Shoulders & Legs. Keep these links handy so you can go back and get a refresher on the exercises were are doing throughout the month.

How To: Arms & Back

How To: Abs & Shoulders

How To: Legs

Plank: Planks are fun! Most of us have been doing planks for a LONG time now. In August we did tons of plank variations so by now you have lots of options on how to keep this move from getting boring. You can always do a regular forearm plank as it is a great full body burn. But this month it is your choice. Throw in whatever plank you choose and hold it for that day’s time. Remember we are doing planks 2 times each day.