How To Videos: Sunday – Arms

toned-armsGet ready for another month of great arm workouts! Some of these will be new…and some you should be very familiar with. Make sure you watch each video to see how to do them correctly.

Halo Curl: Works – Shoulders, Upper Back, Triceps, Biceps, Abs & Obliques

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart holding a kettle ball, dumbbell, or medicine ball. Don’t reach for the heaviest weight, your going to be swinging this around your head and we don’t want any head bashing going on.
  2. Keep the weight close to you as you circle your head clockwise around your body. For the next set, switch directions and go counter clockwise.

Shoulder Press with Rotation: We’ve done these before but this month we are doing them a little different. Overhead press rotations combos with dumbbells or plates works out the shoulders by pushing plates overhead, lowering down and then bringing them down in a forward motion. See how it’s done below.

Push Ups: Lots of ways to do push ups so choose what’s best for you. Try to work your way up to harder positions throughout the month.

Elbow Kiss: This exercise will help us burn fat in our back and bra overhang area…and will build stronger arms. Simply yet effective move!