April 2019 Challenge: Core Crew Strong

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Time to go back to basics with a simple calendar that will give us more time to do what we love most….RUN!

We know that running gets us in shape but how does adding strength to our regular routine help us? A strong core (which includes our back, hips, glutei and even our legs!) helps us run faster and longer, helps us lift heavy stuff, helps our posture when we are running or just hanging around, helps our flexibility and even helps us get rid of back pain. Our strength routines are runner focused but they also help with so many aspects of our life so even if you can’t run…do your strength!

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For April we are keeping in the points tracking system to help us stay motivated. The tracking is not required but if you like having a list, checking things off and getting points for it, you will benefit from keeping track of your points and you might just win a shiny Strong to the Core Challenger medal!

Since we are going back to basics we have one Strength Running routine 4 days each week. These routines take 20 minutes or less and is ALL you need to run stronger!

We do have some additional workouts you can do that fit in very well with our calendar. The heavy lifting Gym Bonus is back with weeks 9-12 AND we have a Blast from the Past Challenge that is also an easy addition and progressively gets harder as the month goes on.

If you are adding the Heavy Lifting portion of the Challenge there is a change – for the days you do your gym strength with heavier weights you can skip the calendar workout for that day if you would like. This will help us save some time and keep us from “over exercising” with too much work in one day.

Our April 2019 Calendar with the full months schedule of workouts plus all the links you need for the month’s exercises and routines can be found on our Strong to the Core Members Only Page. A link to this page can be found each day in the announcements at the top of our members only Strong to the Core private Facebook page.

If you are not a member of our Strong to the Core family and you are ready to jump in and get stronger with us from home click here for more info!

Let’s buddy up and get ready for a great April as we head into warmer summer months, more long runs and bathing suit weather!

Strong to the Core Membership and Guidelines

As we continue to grow and add more amazing people to our #CoreCrew family, it’s important to remember that group promotes strength for runners. Strong to the Core is about motivating each other to get stronger!

Most of us are runners, but strength is the #1 goal of our group and you don’t have to be a runner to benefit from our routines. You can walk, ride, swim…whatever makes your heart and body happy. You belong here…as long as you are also committed to working on your strength! 🙂

To keep our #CoreCrew family focused on strength, we have a couple simple STTC guidelines. You do not have to post everyday…but when you do post, it MUST include some kind of strength work. If you post, “I went for a run today” or “I was lazy and didn’t do anything today” but include no strength work and I see it, it will be deleted. Going for a run or bike ride is awesome and I love seeing you being active, but there are so many groups where we can post a run and get tons of accolades. That’s not what Strong to the Core is meant for and we don’t want to load up our feed with non-strength posts. If you go for a run but don’t do your strength, it doesn’t “count” for STTC so don’t post it. If you go for a run then do your Standard Core workout or get in some great hip and glute work, then post away! If you got in a plank and a wall sit on an off day then post it! If you took time for yourself on an active recovery day and did one of our Yoga for Runners routines or our 7 Key stretches for Runners then post it! If you don’t do anything…don’t post that you did nothing. That is not motivating to anyone! In fact, it gives others a reason to do nothing too!

Our monthly strength calendar, workout guides and videos and self care routines are for Strong to the Core members only. If you’re not a member of Strong to the Core but know you need to add strength to stay healthy, injury free and run longer and stronger click here for info on on how to join.

Strong to the Core Guidelines:

  1. Posts on private group must include strength. No Posts with Only Cardio – Post your workout only when you have done your strength work for the day. This doesn’t mean you can’t post inspiring stories or messages, races you want others to know about, or fun memes to give us a laugh. And you may post your running stats once you have completed your strength!
  2. Always be positive and supportive – Any posts or comments that are negative or demeaning will be deleted (this rarely happens with our #CoreCrew family!)
  3. STTC Monthly Challenge Winner – In order to be considered for our monthly Challenge Winner medal, you must post consistently, be positive and supportive of other members and be making purposeful strides in your strength goals. Our monthly winner is always active in our group and motivates others to reach their goals too!

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our Strong to the Core family!

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