June 2018: Surprise Yourself!

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What’s better than a new workout every day?

When you surprise yourself with your courage and determination to push through whatever is throw at you! It takes courage to get moving when we don’t know what is coming but this Crew is STRONG and I have a feeling June is going to be an fabulous month!

Every day in June is a brand new day! Unless there is a workout everyone loves, then we might repeat it.


Wake up, get your workout of the day and knock it out! Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.07.16 PM

Our workouts will stay between 10-15 minutes on lighter days and up to 30 minutes on our heavier days. Pretty typical to what we are used to so you won’t need to plan for additional time. We will follow the same basic outline of our previous calendars with legs early week, mental health/rest days on Wednesday and arms and abs late week. There will be weekly speed work, bonuses, and other little goodies along the way so make sure you check our pinned post each morning!

Buddy System: As always, time to buddy up for June. You are welcome to stick with your current buddy or team, switch things up and partner with someone new, or go solo. You do what works best for you and your needs.

Secondary Option: We have a few people who are traveling and won’t have consistent access to the internet this month and instead of leaving them out I wanted to give out an option to replace those missed days. Below is an old June calendar from 2015. This is a simple calendar that you can save and refer back to if you don’t have access to our daily workout. The days are off so just look at the corresponding DAY OF THE WEEK not the day of the month. This IS NOT our June calendar but it will give you an option if you are stuck and need something quick. I will put a copy of this in our STTC files so you can print it out.

June 2015 Challenge Calendar

If you don’t have your June dues in yet, please use this link (friends and family to avoid additional fees) and get those in today!

Ready to find out what we are made of with hot summer runs and surprise workouts?

Let’s let life surprise us and see what we can learn and gain from it! 🙂

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