May 2016 Challenge

May Challenge

Inspired by summer…

Inspired by running…

Inspired by fitness…getting stronger, and being healthy!

Ready to rock it out for May as we continue to get stronger, and get ready for warm weather? Here we go!

This month we are going to switch things up just a tad…I’ve taken into account some of the things you requested…and added a little more down time. Hope you like it!

In April we had a lot of crunches to do…and my abs loved it! In fact…I keep getting “oh your stomach is so flat!” Super awesome compliment. 🙂 We will keep working on our core of course, but I wanted to choose a new area to work on a lot in May. I hate push ups…I think we all hate push ups… But I won’t get better at them if I don’t do them often, so let’s do lots of push ups and get some super strong, toned arms!

April was tough…and by the last week, we were all burned out and in need of some down time. Instead of burning out before the month is over, I thought we’d take a rest day on Sundays, and rock some yoga for runners on Wednesdays. Hoping these breaks will allow us to recharge and finish strong. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, & Fridays are all out strength days.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Sunday: Planks + REST!
  • Monday: Arms + Push Ups & Core
  • Tuesday: Legs + Push Ups & Core
  • Yoga for Runners
  • Thursday: Arms + Push Ups & Core
  • Friday: Legs and + Push Ups Core
  • Saturday: Long run + Planks and 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Sunday and Wednesday can also be a “make up” days if you missed other days during the week. “Rest day” means different things for all of us…so if you want to run or do something else active…you know I’m all for it! 🙂

Eat less sugarMay Food Challenge: Since summer is here for some of us…and right around the corner for y’all in the North…how about a another food challenge for May.

Y’all know me, I’m all about moderation. So the food challenge for May, just eat less sugar…cause you’re sweet enough already. 🙂

The challenge here is to avoid the extra sweets. Skip dessert, skip the morning donut and swap it for some healthy, skip the mid day sweet tooth cravings…don’t deny yourself of everything…but be MINDFUL and just eat less sugar. Very doable right?

As always…we will have bonus exercises, running drills, and speed work each week so doing more is always an option and certainly recommended but not required. We are all pretty active..and that is the whole point of our monthly challenges. Continue to push yourself, keep working on your strength…and keep running Core Crew!

If you are new to our group…please do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions. I’m available by FB messenger here or you can email me at

Below is our May Challenge Calendar.

May 2016 Challenge Calender