How To: Abs & Shoulders

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September “How to” Abs & Shoulders:

Mountain Climbers: You know how to do these…but let’s watch again for a reminder. Keep that core tight and keep your shoulders and arms as still and stable as possible. Use your core to pull your legs inwards towards your arms. Use furniture movers, towels, or paper plates to make it a little more difficult. If you use these props your feet will never leave the floor and the motion will slow down which gives you even more focus on your core. Your choice which way you go…don’t choose the easy route!

Kettle Ball / Dumbbell Swings: Kettle Ball or Dumbbell swings…which ever you have handy are awesome for our abs and shoulder…more great news…they’re good for our quads, hamstrings, and glutes too! 🙂

Shoulder Presses: Use dumbbells to increase shoulder strength with shoulder presses. Remember not to drop your arms below your shoulders.

Crunches: The crunch is one of the most common abdominal exercises. It primarily works the rectus abdominis muscle. If sets of 10 are easy for you, take a few extra minutes and throw in sets of 10 for those obliques and do side crunches as well.

Dumbbell Side Bends: This exercise is ideal for toning your oblique abdominal muscles which are also referred to as the “love handles”. Dumbbell oblique side bends are perfect for targeting the oblique muscles, which are one of the hardest areas within the abdominal area to strengthen and tone. Some oblique exercises only target certain areas of the oblique muscles, but this exercise, when performed correctly, engages the entire region.

Russian Twists: This is a full-on abdominal routine that works the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and transverse abs. And it’s one of my favorite exercises! If you are comfortable doing this already…do more! Feel the burn!