November – Week 3: The Slow Drip

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Odds are you’re here because you want to excel in your running and overall health and fintess. In today’s world of ‘overnight Instagram transformations’ there’s usually no mention of patience, consistency, hard work, dedication…we see the story of this amazing transformation from heavy to thin, from slow to fast, from doughy to rock solid and while our rational side knows it took time, we tend to forget that these transformations didn’t happen overnight.

These click bait stories cause us to make irrational decisions and marginalize ourselves, maybe even causing us to purchase the latest product or service that will speed things along and get us to our end goal faster. What goes unnoticed in a overnight success story is how hard those individuals had to work for that particular moment of glory.

Far too often, we have a tendency to quit when we don’t start to seethe results we want quickly when deep down we know that the key to our success lies in consistent hard work over a long period of time. It’s not glamorous and life gets hectic so we fall off the wagon then wonder why we are hitting our goal times or fitting into our favorite pair of jeans.

It’s no surprise that this week’s message is the same as last week, the same as the week before last, and again the same as the week before that. Consistency in doing the little things is the key to being successful in reaching our goals. In our case, a slow drip of consistent strength training and mindful eating is the key to getting stronger, running faster, reaching our target weight and smashing personal records on the road.

Consistency is King

This week we are looking at 2 tips from 101 Ways to Be a Better Runner. These tips aren’t new to us but sometimes a reminder can make the difference in making it happen.

Tip #18: Consistency, consistency, consistency!

Running well takes months and years of diligent work. Unfortunately, there’s no short-term fix or“get fast quick” plan out there. Running is a long-term sport and it takes athletes years – sometimes decades – to reach their genetic potential.

What you do today impacts what you’re able to do next week, which impacts what you can do next month, etc. Consistency is king and you’ll often get better results by adding a little bit of running and strength for a few months than trying to jump up your mileage over just a few weeks or shoving all your strength work into a few days. Small changes, made over a long period of time, will ultimately help you be a better runner.

I know it’s difficult to keep going when we don’t see results right away. Don’t give up. It takes months, sometimes even years to see big results. That thought can be daunting…but if you focus on small goals along the way, you will see changes in your body, your strength, your speed and you’re endurance. Be patient.

Tip # 78: Take naps.

I’m not recommending that you get lazy, but naps are a valuable tool in the runner’s recovery toolbox. Pro marathoner Ryan Hall calls them “business meetings” and they help him recover from the hard workouts and mileage that he puts in before his races.

Naps that are ten minutes or longer have been shown to have significant mental benefits like improved alertness, memory, and motor learning. The real napping powers come into play when you nap for 60-90 minutes.

These naps speed recovery and allow your body to rebuild from your workouts. That’s because these longer naps include slow-wave Delta sleep and REM sleep cycles, which is when your body gets flooded with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – the best recovery aid that you could ever wish for.


You’ll probably guess that this is one of my favorite tips. I love to nap. I go to bed early, get up early and very often take naps mid-day. Most of you don’t have the option to nap as often as I do (sorry not sorry…) but you can plan to nap after really tough workouts or weekend long runs if you PLAN in advance. Make that nap part of the program so you don’t get sidelined as soon as you get home. Go ahead and work it into the schedule so your family knows that it’s an important part of the program.

November Week 3: The Slow Drip

Once again, this week we are sticking with the same workout schedule, feeding that slow drip that builds upon itself each day. I promised you a new strength routine last week, then was sidelined by a piriformis niggle that affected the entire left side of my body starting at my hip and going down my glute and into my hamstring. (It happens…as runners we will never avoid all injuries or all downtimes and in truth this was a good way to get me to take some downtime after a heavy training schedule.) PT instructed me to take a complete week of rest (from running and strength) and I have followed those instructions. I apologize that meant nothing new last week but am hopeful that I will be back to both running and strength work soon and will be working on that new routine for you. I have a follow up PT appointment today, am feeling good and am hopeful that I can return to my routine this week!

In the meantime, you have the plan. You have ways to switch it up and make it less monotonous or you can stick with the routines you know fit best into your schedule and lifestyle.

Below is the week’s outline with links to videos to follow along with. Speed work is also below. It’s Monday, so if you have’t already, it’s time to write down your plan for the week and of course…get in your Monday workout and start the week off right!

Week 3 Outline:

If you haven’t yet, you can print out pdf copies of each of these workouts to keep handy so you don’t need access to our You Tube videos. Often it is faster to use the printout, but don’t get sloppy and rush through your workout! Copies are in the files section of our Strong to the Core Facebook group.

Speed Work: Speedy Gonzales

Total of 4.75 miles with warm up, cool down and rest intervals. The workout and Garmin set up instructions are below.

This is a fun workout we’ve done before which allows us different speed for each interval. This workout requires you to think a little more about your pace in order to hit your goal times but it is a fun way to switch it up and add speed to your routine. This workout includes 2 miles (1/2 mile intervals with a quarter mile interval rest/jog in between) of speed work with the 1st and 3rd intervals at 5K pace and the 2nd and 4th intervals at 3K pace. If you aren’t sure what your 5K goal pace is, reach out to me and let’s figure it out. 3K pace will be a tad faster than 5K pace. It’s not an exact science but if you know you can run a 10 minute mile for a 5K than your 3K pace will be about :10 – :15 faster. As always, if you are looking for something more specific to your personal goals (maybe a longer distance race or more involved speed work) please check out my coaching page and let’s chat!

How will you incorporate this weeks “tips” into your routine. Consistency is the easy one…just keep doing what you are doing…or START being consistent with your workouts TODAY! Putting a nap into your schedule might be a little harder. But I bet if you plan ahead now to take a nice 30 minute snooze after your long run this weekend, you will make it happen! 🙂

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