October – Week #5: The Secret Sauce

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Today we are talking about Fitzgerald calls the “secret sauce” of successful running: consistency.

Consistency is what enables us to continue progressing. It’s what makes this years 5K pace next years half marathon pace, this years 10K pace next years 15K pace, this years 15K pace next years Half Marathon pace next years Marathon pace!

Steady consistency in our strength work + steady consistency in our running and speed work = successfully reaching our goals and improving not only our running but our overall health and fitness!

We’re runners. We want to run! But how do we ensure we are able run more consistently? Consider that the annual injury rate is somewhere around 75% for most runners. This is HIGHER than professional football! With an injury rate so high, how do we stay consistent with our running? Runner specific strength training! These go hand in hand and each should be a part of your regular training routine. Strength is NOT an add on.

By making strength a consistent part of our routine, we are able to prevent more injuries. If we are able to prevent more injuries, we don’t have to start over from scratch after a long layoff. We won’t have to waste time getting into shape because we’ll already be in shape.

Imagine what it would feel like to have this kind of control of your running? To not be sidelined each time you have a goal race coming up? To run a strong training cycle and be able to accomplish your goals?!

The consistency that comes from healthy, injury-free running can help you reach your goals and keep you on the road doing what you love the most…running.

If you’ve been slacking on consistency, there is no better time to get back to it than today. Our monthly challenge doesn’t start on a Monday or on the first day of the month. There’s no reason to wait till tomorrow, or November 1st, or next week…start today.

The Strength Running Injury Prevention for Runners program requires consistency with an arsenal of workouts designed specifically for runners. These workouts are ALL you need to do. You don’t need to go to body pump or boot camp, you don’t need to spin or swim, you don’t need to do 100 crunches everyday. Yes, there are lots of good exercises and classes out there, yes spinning and swimming are good cross training tools…but if you are mixing in other workouts you might not be strengthening the areas that are most important for runners. If you are doing intense cardio other than running, you may be doing too much. As runners, we get LOTS of cardio…why do more?

Instead you can use the simple and effective strength workouts from Strength Running consistently each week to get stronger, fitter, healthier AND faster. Just think…by being consistent, you could be able to run the exact same route in a few months FASTER than you do it today AND feel better when you are done. All with the same level of effort.

There’s no reason to make it more complicated.

You have all the tools you need to run strong. It’s up to you to do them consistently.

If you’re not convinced that these workouts are all you need check out some of the Strength Running testimonials below…

“I am a 67 year old male who started running 2 years ago. After using the Injury Prevention for Runners programI ran my third half marathon in mid-November and I remained injury free up to and during the run. I completed the race at 2:32:23 which is 6:13 faster than my previous best time and I did it with a significant negative split. Injury Prevention for Runners has made the difference and allowed me to train injury free. I continue to follow your program and look forward to my next half marathon in mid-January and hopefully another PR.” – Bruce

“Quick testimonial. I’m a 52 year old male. Developed calf strains in my 30’s which limited my running and eventually ended my ability to run at all. Quit trying to run at age 40, tired and defeated from not finding an answer to my calf issues. I have been searching for answers all this time, because I never got over my love for running.

Decided to try the program but honestly was very skeptical because everything I tried over the years didn’t help.  After just three weeks, I’m amazed and very happy with the results. The tension on my calves is not there any more.  I am taking it easy, but I have already run farther and faster than I ever thought I would.” – Dave

“Only 2 months ago I could not run 2k.  Bad episode of acute ITBS that has been with me for as long as I can remember. This weekend I ran 18k in a balmy 0 degrees without any issues. Injury Prevention for Runners made it possible. Thanks to Injury Prevention for Runners I’m back on track for my Boston Marathon 2018!” – Remko

“I was at the end of my rope after suffering from ongoing ITBS, runner’s knee, hip pain, ankle pain… I love running but I couldn’t do more with risking more injury.

Then I started this program and OMG – the injuries have stopped. Even though it’s been almost 4 months now, I’m almost afraid to say it out loud. I simply expect to have knee pain all of time. But I don’t.

Get this! I’m am now running 30-35 miles per week and training for a marathon. And I’m not only running more miles and longer distances, I’m actually running faster. I ran 16 miles on Sunday in 2:16:21 – or 8:31/mi pace. Just five months ago I was running 5 miles at a 9:30/mi pace. Unbelievable. Thanks so much. I look forward to doing more with you in the coming year.” – Tim


All of these runners paid around $200 for this program. I paid $200 for this program. I purchased it for myself because I am sold on the Strength Running program and Jason Fitzgerald. You are getting all the info PLUS weekly speed work, accountability, friendship, ongoing advice and motivation for your STTC monthly dues. Here’s the thing Crew…if you’re not taking advantage of the info, if you are not being consistent with your workouts…why do you pay to be here? I’m not telling you to leave…but I do want you to get the most out of what we are doing and that takes consistency! 🙂

October – Week #5: Consistency

It’s time to put that consistency to work and get our schedule set up for the week. If you weren’t able to jump in this morning during our FB live 6am workout, you can still find it in our “announcements” in Strong to the Core. The Standard Core Routine is this weeks new core routine! We are adding this into the rotation with the Tomahawk Routine (these two can be swapped out) and this combo should be done at least 3 times each week. Amiee and I also did the workout last week at the park and that video is below. We have another great workout to add soon but in the meantime, below is an outline of what our week will look like.

*The chart only goes to a 30 minute 5K so I went ahead and worked out up to 40 minutes for the 5K.
  • 31:00 = 10:45 – 11:45
  • 32:00 = 11:00 – 12:00
  • 33:00 = 11:15 – 12:15
  • 34:00 = 11:30 – 12:30
  • 35:00 = 11:45 – 12:45
  • 36:00 = 12:00 – 13:00
  • 37:00 = 12:15 – 13:15
  • 38:00 =  12:30 – 13:30
  • 39:00 = 12:45 – 13:45
  • 40:00 = 13:00-14:00

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 9.56.29 AM

November Challenge

We are at the end of October…only a few days left until the first of November and it’s time to get those dues in. We are sticking with this program for November! There is more info and more workouts to come. I hope you are taking advantage of a great program for runners, the Injury Treatment programs when needed, and planning each week so that you are able to get the most out of your training. I will put up a post today tagging those due for November. If you know you are due and want to get caught up or if you see these posts and want to join our #CoreCrew here is the link for more info on Strong to the Core and payment links! 🙂

Speed Work

This weeks speed work is for those who are NOT racing over the weekend. Remember you can always do strides at the end of any easy run. Strides at the end of an easy run can be pick ups or fartleks OR you can stop and do full strides with breaks in between. This is great way to get those legs turning over and still keep most of your run “easy”. Just make sure you are keeping the strides short and not overdoing it.

For everyone else, weekly speed work is another KEY part of your training. Speed work not only helps us get faster, it also promotes quick leg turnover and proper running form, increased aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, increased VO2 Max and it’s fun! Well…it’s fun once you get over the anxiety of doing it. But I promise that if you give it a go, you will feel less anxious next time and you will feel pretty badass when you’re done!

If you don’t have a specific race coming up and you’re just in a “getting stronger and building mileage” you should still do speed work! Throwing a little (20% of your average weekly miles) speed work into your routine you WILL see improvements. Key factor is keeping the mileage to 20% of your total miles for the week.

Example: If you are running an average of…

  • 10 miles/week = 2 miles of speed work
  • 20 miles/week = 4 miles of speed work
  • 30 miles/week = 6 miles of speed work
  • 40 miles/week = 8 miles of speed work
  • 50 miles/week = 10 miles of speed work

This weeks workout: Fartleks for Everyone!

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 8.56.42 AM

This week we are doing a basic fartlek workout. This workout is good for every runner! It promotes fast running with easy running mixed in and can be done anywhere. No track needed. If you are training for a longer distance race, you can add more sets of fartleks to your workout OR you can contact me about more individualized coaching. Check out the STTC Running Coach page for more info. 🙂

The Workout: Sabre Routine + 4-5 miles with 6-8 x 1:00 @ 10K pace / 2:00 easy recovery (walk, walk then go into easy run or easy run) + Standard Core Routine

Let me know if you have questions. Sample Garmin set up is below.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.54.36 AM

What part of your training are you slacking on? Are you lacking in consistency in your running? Strength? Warm up? Post run strength like planks and wall sits? How will you practice consistency in your week areas this week? Be honest with yourself. You don’t have to tell me or anyone else….you know what you’re not doing…

You can change this habit right now. Start practicing consistency today by adding in that workout you’ve been putting off. Start following along with the plan — the whole plan — and you will start seeing results. You’ll feel less pain and you will run stronger.

Key word this week = Consistency

Consistency is related to success. Hang out with consistency more than once in a while to see those results you are craving!

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