August 2016: Fall Race Prep

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As we start to wind the summer down, get ready for back to school, and gear up for fall and winter races…we must remember that we are the King and Queen of our fortress!

With so many responsibilities requiring our attention, it is important to take a little time each day for ourselves…it’s not selfish…it’s being the best you can be. Your family, children, spouse, friends, job, and other commitments will only benefit from your strength, confidence and healthy attitude!

We’re not perfect. We’re not elite athletes. We’re just regular people who want to be stronger and healthier. The Core Crew will never ask you to be perfect. We will never ask you to do more than your capable of…or give up parts of your life that are the most important. But we will ask that you work hard, stay positive, and give yourself the credit you deserve for being the Queen…or the King…that your family, friends, job and everyone else in your life depends on.

If you don’t believe in yourself….who will? Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.20.32 AM

It’s your choice…will you believe you can? Or believe you can’t? Because either way…you will be right.

So when you want to make bad choices, remember our August Mantra: Eat clean, train mean, eat beans and anything green, fit into those old sexy jeans and be the King or Queen… do these things until it seems obscene!

August Workout Details:

Similar schedule with a bunch of new moves! Long run on Saturday (or Sunday) as usual and a rest day on Sunday! Our August calendar below which includes a 30 Day Plank Challenge consisting of a different plank each day of the month. The Plank Challenge is a PDF that you can find in our Strong to the Core “files” in Facebook. Click here to print out the PDF. I will include step by step instructions and a how to video on our daily post but if you don’t check that each day printing out the PDF file will explain each plank.

August is light on the leg work so I am also adding another 30 Day Challenge for those who want to do a little more each day. The added challenge will focus on Abs and Legs (Sit ups, Crunches, and Squats).

  • Monday: Arms + Planks + Abs & Squats
  • Tuesday: Legs + Planks + Abs & Squats
  • Wednesday: Full Body + Planks + Abs & Squats
  • Thursday: Arms + Planks + Abs & Squats
  • Friday: Abs + Planks + Abs & Squats
  • Saturday: Long Run + Planks + Abs & Squats
  • Sunday: Rest + Stretching and Planks

We always have a “how to” videos page and it’s even more important when you’re working with new exercises. Please click here, choose the page (Arms, Legs or Abs) for each set of exercises, and watch the video provided for each move. Keep in mind that it is more important to do each exercise slowly, with the proper form then fast and sloppy.

Our bonus workout for August is the “30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge” provided below. I will put a copy of this in our files to make it easier to print out and keep handy.  This added challenge is VERY doable, will not require an extensive amount of additional time, and will fire up your core and legs!

30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge

On to the fun stuff! Below is our August 2016 Challenge Calendar. Theses exercises have been proven to help you build strength in your arms, abs, and legs. In place of our regular leg moves, I am forcing you to do running drills! Sneaky…yes…but smart too right? 😉

Remember that our August Calendar will be posted as a PDF in the FB files so you can print it out and keep it handy. Click here for a link to our files.

Strong to the Core MedalOur Crew is always here to support you and lift you up when you are feeling down or fall behind. Posting each day will let us cheer you on and helps you be accountable so when you get it done each day let us know!

Posting also helps me determine our monthly challenge winner and the recipient of our Strong the the Core 30 Day Challenge medal Here’s what our Challenge winner medal looks like.

Let’s get to work Crew!

August 2016 Challenge Calender - Final

Day 1: Start Strong Finish Stronger!

Day 2: Officially Crazy!

Day 3: Today’s Reality vs. Tomorrow’s Potential

Day 4: Be in the Running

Day 5: Pressure Makes Diamonds 

Days 6 & 7: Planning for SuccessDays 6 & 7: Planning for Success

Day 8: Exercise Makes Us Happy!

Day 9: Love Your Legs!

Day 10: Total Body Blast

Day 11: Arm Day Got Me Like…

Day 12: Motivation Dust

Days 13 & 14: I Run Because I Can

Day 15: Stepping Up

Day 16: No Gym Required

Day 17: That Lovin’ Feeling

Day 18: Get Pumped Up!

Day 19: Increased Awesomeness

Days 20 & 21: RUNHOLE

Day 22: Confidence is Beautiful!

Days 27 & 28: Get Out and Run!

Day 29: New Monday…New Goals!

Day 30: Finish What You Started!