January Challenge: Commit and Get Fit in 2017!


2017 brings new hopes, new dreams, and new goals…

For the #CoreCrew, our goals continue…to be stronger, healthier, fitter, faster…to be better runners.

Our fitness goals are just one piece of our puzzle…we also have personal, business, and family goals…but our fitness goals give us the energy, the strength, and the stamina to keep going when things get tough. When we’re tired and run down, when we don’t want to  clean the house, or make dinner, or go to work…our active lifestyle gives us the ability to keep going.

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-7-43-52-am2017 Goals: Many of you have sent me your 2017 goals. I have put them into a list and will send you notes throughout the year to remind you what you wanted to achieve this year. If you haven’t sent them yet… please do! Send me a PM here or post them in Strong to the Core. Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. If your goals don’t aren’t specific with a deadline…you need to put a little more effort into it! Give yourself a couple specific goals with a deadline to reach them. Make them relevant to your life; make them reachable… don’t make goals that are far fetched; make them measurable… don’t just say “I want to lose weight.” Give yourself a goal weight! Remember to send me your address so I can send you reminders in the mail. 🙂

On to the good stuff…this month we are going back to our monthly challenge calendar. You can print it out and cross off days as we go. We are also adding a couple side challenges. You can do one or both…or neither. It’s up to you! But I would like to see everyone jumping in on one of the push up challenges. We have a beginners and an advanced…and with only one arm day this month, the additional push up challenge will help us gain strength in that area.  Pick one and stick to it all the way to the end!

  • Burpee Challenge
  • Push Up Challenge – Beginner
  • Push Up Challenge – Advanced

Here’s the layout for the month along with links for each day’s “How To” videos:

As always, we will have additional bonus exercises, food challenges, speed work, etc… I will be throwing in last month’s Modern Mom Hip Strength and Donkey Kick workouts as well as some of the other videos that you liked the most.

It’s gonna be a fantastic month Crew! Time to commit…let’s get strong and fit in 2017!


Day 1: Rest / Yoga For Runners

Day 2: Set It Off!

Day 3: Booty Blast

Day 4: Refuse to Give Up!

Day 5: Squat City

Day 6: Ridiculously Amazing Friday!

Days 7-9: Weekend Long Runs and Monday Race Recovery – Check Calendar for more info

Day 10: Brutally Strong Hips

Day 11: Let’s Plank!

Day 12: Magic Legs

Day 13: Get Up and Run!

Days 14 & 15: Weekend Workout – Long Run and Rest – See Calendar for Challenge exercises

Day 16: Run With Your Arms

Day 17: Add Life To Your Years

Day 18: Facebook Post – Search in Strong to the Core: Amy Magdalein Day 18

Day 19: Wall Sit Anytime Anywhere!

Day 20: Facebook Post – Search in Strong to the Core: Amy Magdalein Day 20

Days 21 & 22: What’s Your Distance?

Day 23: Facebook Post – Search Strong to the Core: Amy Magdalein Day 23

Day 24: Facebook Post – Search Strong to the Core: Amy Magdalein Day 24

Day 25: Love Ab Day!

Day 26: Squats = Runner’s Best Friend