Day 7: Believe in Yourself

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Most of the time, we are the only thing standing in our way. If we can get out of our own head and give ourself a chance to get past the negativity, we can do amazing things. We can reach our goals and soar beyond our own expectations.

When we were young it was easy to believe we could do anything we wanted. We had no fears, no self doubt, no little voice inside our head telling us we would fail. Why is it that when we grow older, we have no longer believe? Past set backs leave us doubtful and insecure.

Being secure and believing in ourself and our abilities doesn’t mean we have to be boastful or cocky. Quiet self confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in an athlete. And you are an athlete.

This week there is no negativity or self doubt allowed. You’ve seen almost all of our May workouts and you CAN do them. Believe in yourself and let’s have a kick ass training week!

Day 7 exercises:

  • Warm UP – Jumping Jacks or jogging in place – 25 reps or :30
  • Fitness Blender – 100 Squat Challenge (follow along with the 8 minute video below)
  • Wall Sit – :60
  • Plank – :60

Today’s workout should take you about 12 minutes total. You can do it before your run as a great warm up or after as long as you pay close attention to your form. You can break it up and do a morning run then afternoon strength, or you can bust them out in the same setting.

Either way, believe in yourself and push through with ZERO self doubt.

Speed Work: Chase Your Dreams!

Don’t make me regret giving you speed on Monday! If you raced or ran long this weekend you need to put a couple days in between these “effort” workouts and your speed work which is another “effort” session. You can run…just take it easy and enjoy some time on your feet without expectations on pace. Then come in strong on Tuesday or better yet, on Wednesday with fresh legs!

I know which workout you should be doing and so do you. Believe in yourself and DO NOT pick the easier workout just because you’re being lazy. Pick the workout that suits your distance goals and current level of ability.

Remember that speed work is not just about getting faster. Speed work also gets our body ready to run longer and feel better doing it. That means that even if you don’t care about getting faster YOU should be doing speed work. If you want to finish a longer distance race, YOU should be doing speed work. If you just want to finish stronger and feeling better after finishing your next race…YOU should be doing speed work. EVERYONE should be ding speed work!

If you’re not injured, pick a workout and go out there and CHASE YOUR DREAMS!

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