Days 27 & 28: Go Out & Run!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 7.58.16 PM

Don’t wait…go out & run!

The weekend is here and it’s time to go long again! It’s already my bedtime and of course I’m getting up early to run too so keeping it short and sweet…let’s go run!

Day 27 exercises: The Long Run

  • Pre-run Warm up – Hip Hurdles, Leg Swings & Lunge Matrix
  • Long Run
  • :60 Plank
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • Legs up the Wall (5-15 minutes)
  • Roll!
  • Stretch! – 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Day 28 exercises:

  • :60 Plank
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • Active Recovery – Short run, walk, bike ride, swim, playing outside with the kids
  • Yoga for Runners – links below
  1. Yoga for Runners – “Unknot Yourself”
  2. Yoga for Runners – “Tight Hips & Legs”
  3. Yoga Poses for Runners

Keep it Strong to the Core this weekend Crew and let’s put some miles on our shoes!

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