Day 29: What Do You Do For Fun?

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Y’all have been so dedicated and committed to this Sally Challenge this month and I am super proud of everyone who has taken on each challenge with the determination to get through it. I know you’re kinda tired of it…but we are doing it one more time!

We’ll 2 more times…but we’ve been working up to the last one all month and you are ready for it. But we can worry about that in a couple more days. 😉

Today, we focus on our quads, glutes and core. Such important muscles for runners to focus on for building strength!

Here’s the deal though…we’ve done this challenge a few times and we’ve done LOTS of squats this month, so we are ready to step it up notch. Time to add some weight! Not a lot of weight…grab your dumbbells or a barbell if you have one available and add a little bit of weight to your leg workout today. Don’t overdo it…you still want to get through the whole 3.5 minutes.

I haven’t gotten to it yet…but I will! So here is that last workout we did together towards a couple weeks ago. I will post a new video when I get it done tomorrow.

Day 29 exercises:

  • Wall Sit – :60
  • Push Ups – 3 x 10
  • Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge – with weights
  • Wall Sit – :60

Speed Work: The Speedy Gonzales – Fun workout ahead! This is a pretty short workout so if you are working towards a fast 5K or 10K or just in the beginning of your longer distance training, this is perfect for you. If you are an experienced runner and are training for a half or full marathon, you shouldn’t be stopping at just 4.75 miles total. The good news is, you can easily extend this workout by adding 1-4 more 800s.

You’ll notice that this is really just 1/2 mile repeats with every other 1/2 mile (800M) a little faster. What you need to know is your current 5K pace. If you don’t have a current 5K to go by, but you do have a recent 10K or half, message me and I will help you find that ideal 5K pace. Not many of us will run a 3K (1.86 mile) race, but you just have to factor in the shorter distance and think about what you would be able to do if you had a good warm up and were ready to go for 1.86 miles.

Example: My current 5K pace is around 8:05 per mile. So for a 1.86 mile race (with a good warm up), I should be able to knock that down to about 7:50. So for the 3K pace, I will shoot for around a 7:50 pace for that 1/2 mile. Let’s say my 5K pace is 11:00 per mile. In that case, I would shoot for about 10:45 per 1/2 mile. Basically, you should be able to run about :15 faster per mile in a 3K race.

Make sense? I’m here to help! Reach out to me by private messenger or in our Strong to the Core Facebook group. It’s important to be realistic about your speed work pace and be able to complete the workout. I would rather you slow down a bit and get through it then go out too fast in the beginning, get discouraged and want to quit. So let’s find out where you should be so you can finish and feel like good about your workout! Don’t be shy!

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That’s all for now Crew. Here’s to a great start to a brand new week. Don’t forget to be awesome!

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