Day 1: Let’s Do This!!

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-8-13-13-pmFebruary 1st. Day 1.

A chance to start over, recommit, and forget about the past. Time to reset and get ready to kill another Challenge!

We have several new members so those of you who’ve been here for a while need to step it up and show them how we do things in the Core Crew!

Since we’re starting on Wednesday…and Wednesday happens to be a yoga day…we are starting a little easy. So to off-set the easy day…I hope to see everyone killing the bonus workout! 😉

Day 1 exercises:

  • Yoga for Runners – Tight Hips and Legs  – Great way to loosen up between leg days on Tuesday and Thursdays. If you have tight hips and legs you’re going to love this time for you. Find a quiet place and get loose!
  • Side Planks – :30 each side
  • Wall Sit – :60

Challenges: Click here for “how to” videos for push ups and the Superman exercise

  • Superman – :10 – Hold the superman pose for :10. A little later this week I will put together a quick video showing you this move and how to modify it as we get farther into the month and the time gets longer. 🙂
  • Push Ups – 25 – From your feet or from your knees. Against a wall or on steps or a bench. Whatever works best for you!

Bonus: Coffee Break Workout – This can be done throughout the day whenever you have a few free moments. Do one round each time you get up from your computer, or take a break from work. SIT LESS MOVE MORE! 🙂


#MadManMartin’s Plank Challenge: For anyone who wants to join in! Start on Day 1 and let’s get to planking! 🙂 One extra :20 plank today.


Might seem like a lot but it’s really not that much. Next week we will get back to adding speed work in too! Remember that this month it’s all about sitting LESS and moving MORE. Getting fit takes dedication and commitment…cheating on it won’t help you get where you want to be.

Make a commitment to yourself each day that you will get up each day and MOVE!

Let’s do this!! Make it a great day Crew! 🙂



Day 1: Work For What You Want!


We can wish all day but if we don’t put in the work we will never get the results!

A lot of our workouts this month will include compound exercises. This will allow us to work more areas in a shorter amount of time. There’s tons of info out there about whether we should do isolated or compound exercises. Each has it’s positive effects. So we will be doing both!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be hip and butt focused. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be dedicated to compound moves that will focus on different areas of the body, give us a well rounded strength routine, and help us reach our fitness goals.

So what is a compound movement?


Today’s workout is a video consisting of full body compound movement exercises from Ms. Jackie Fitness. The video is 5 minutes long and we will do it 3 times. Total of 15 minutes plus a :60 plank to finish it off.

As we go throughout the month, please let me know what videos you like, and ones that you don’t care for. I may repeat some that are good! Remember…this is YOUR group and the more feedback I get from you the better it will be!

Food Challenge: Kicking off Day 1 with a “No Junk Food” Challenge. We have lots of yummy, fattening foods coming our way so let’s take the time now to get ready for it!

We aren’t going overboard here….this challenge usually calls for 21 days, but we are taking it one day at a time. Can you commit to no junk food today? That means no candy, no sweets, no fast food, no white bread, no cookies, no pastries, NO SODA! No soda will be the hardest part for me since I don’t drink coffee and my morning diet soda is the only caffeine I get…but I am committing to one day of no soda. What is the hardest part for you?


Speed Work: If you haven’t done your speed work, what are you waiting for? This week’s workout is a structured Fartlek run. Check it out and get it done!

Workout: Gear Shifter

How to Do It: In this workout, alternate between your easy, medium, and fast paces. Warm up with three to five minutes of walking. Then ramp up to your easy pace (see below) and hold it for two to three minutes. Then shift into your medium pace and sustain it for one minute. Then shift into the fast pace for 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle two or three times. Walk for five minutes to cool down.

Use this guide to find each gear:

Easy: Conversational pace; a pace where you could chat with a friend running alongside you. This is a rhythm that feels like you could maintain it all day long if you had to.

Medium: This should be faster than your easy pace, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re speeding. You would prefer not to hold a full conversation, but if someone asked you a question, you could answer in two- or three-word sentences.

Fast: Quicker than your medium pace. In this gear you should be able to say one or two words but, if someone asked you a question, it would make you mad because you wouldn’t want to expend the energy to answer them. Don’t sprint all-out or push to the point of pain, or where you feel you’re going to pull something. You should feel like “I’m okay, I just don’t want to do this for very long.”


Virtual Race: Want to sign up for the January She Power Virtual race? Here’s the link! Once you sign up please join our virtual race event page so we can try and plan a day when we can all run together in spirit!

If you can’t do this one or just don’t want to spend the money that is OK! This is just a fun way for us to run together and another way to motivate us to run a little more. 🙂

Day 1 exercises: Follow video below (3 times) and finish it off with a :60 plank

What you will need: If you don’t have this equipment substitute and make it work! Your dumbbells should work just fine in place of the medicine ball and kettle bells.

  • Kettle bell or dumbbell
  • Jump rope (or just pretend you’re using a jump rope and simulate the exercise
  • Medicine Ball – Or you can use your dumbbell for this too

Hope you love it but if you don’t…speak up! But don’t just skip it. Go through the video three times, get that heart rate up, feel the full body burn!

It’s Day 1 Crew! Our workouts don’t take long but each small effort gets you closer to your goals and sets you up for a successful month. 15 minutes is all it takes.

You have to work for what you want so get moving and let’s start the month strong!


Day 1: Steer Yourself

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-5-11-05-amYou’re determined! You’re smart!

You’re ready for a brand new start!

I can hoot, holler and cheer, but only YOU can decide the direction you will steer.

Today, YOU choose the path your feet will take.

Active, healthy, and STRONG…is this the choice will you make?


Hello November! Hello cool weather!

NOW is the time to commit to a healthy holiday season.

Don’t wait till you let yourself slip, cause you know those bad choices go straight to your hips!

You don’t have to skip ALL the yummy treats…but be smart!

This November it’s all in the hips, so choose wisely….

Eat healthy, get active, be strong, and run with your heart!

Day 1 exercises: Abs – 2 sets (:30 each move + Side Planks)

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Roll Up
  • Pilates Scissors
  • Bird Dog Crunch (right side)
  • Boat Post
  • Bird Dog Crunch (left side)
  • Side Planks – :30 each side

Bonus: 50 Crunches (2 sets of 25) 


Speed Work: Want to get faster, breathe better, make those longer runs feel easier? The magic pill is sweaty and intensity!

Remember that mile we did a few weeks ago? Time to break it in half and dial up the speed. This week’s workout = 800s. Take that mile time that you wrote down, break that time it in half (1/2 mile) then run 800s (1/2 mile) just a tad faster. Then take a 1-2 minute rest. Stand still, breathe deeply, drink some water, then go at it again!

Workout: 6x 800M

  1. Warm up (1-1.5 miles)
  2. 800M 6X (3 miles)
  3. Cool down (1-1.5 miles)
  4. Total of 5-6 miles

The time is NOW Crew! Get up, get moving, and let’s kick off November on a good start! 🙂


Days 1 & 2: It Is On Again

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-4-57-21-amNo time to rest cause IT IS ON AGAIN!

Who’s your favorite Super Hero? Who can you connect with this month and channel their super human strength to push through each day?

We’re going to need that inner strength to get us through lots of long races, fall races, and a killer strength workout!

Long run & stretches today then arms on Sunday, or switch it up and knock out arms today and go long tomorrow.

Either way…time to break out that superhuman strength and BRING IT Crew!

If you haven’t had a chance to look over the October Calendar here is a link to our monthly challenge main page. I’m dropping a copy of our calendar in our Strong to the Core files. Let me know if you have any questions. Lots of new exercises this month so please take time to watch the how to videos!

Day 1: Long Run + 7 Key Stretches for Runners + Bedtime Plank (1 :60 Plank before bed)

Day 2: Arms – 2 sets of 10

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Halo Curl
  • Shoulder Press with Rotation
  • Push Ups
  • Elbow Kiss
  • Bedtime Plank (1 :60 Plank before bed)

No Bonuses this weekend. Just get familiar with everything for the month and let’s get ready to rock out October!

Another big THANK YOU to Jan and Sharon for their help coming up with the exercises this month, for sharing their videos with me, and allowing me to share them with you!

Find your inner super hero…let’s get to work and make it a fantastic weekend Crew! 🙂


Day 1: Back On Track!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.29.19 PM

Good morning Crew! Ready to get back on track?

Kicking off the month with leg day…. We all know why we need to do more with our legs then just run…what more is there to say???

Let’s GETTT ITTT!! 🙂

Day 1 exercises: 2 sets of 10

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Donkey Kicks + Fire Hydrants
  • Weighted Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Plank – Your Choice (:30 2X)

Bonus: Weighted Hip Thrust – 

If you want to run faster, you’ve got to do more than just speedwork. We know the strength training is a critical. According to Jen Ator, fitness director of Women’s Health, “Lifting is a key component to building speed. The more power you can generate with each stride, the faster you can run. The stronger you are, the longer you can generate that power without fatiguing, meaning you’ll be able to maintain that pace.”

With that in mind…our bonus exercise today comes from Ator’s “Get Stronger To Run Faster” workout. We already do a lot of what she includes, but here’s one you may not have seen before. Great for the core, legs, glutes, and hips!

Weighted Hip Thrust: With a dumbbell resting in the crease of your hips, sit on the floor with the bottom of your shoulder blades touching a bench or couch or even a chair if it’s study and won’t hurt your back. Drive through your heels and thrust your hips up toward the ceiling while contracting your glutes. Your torso should be parallel to the floor. Lower and repeat 8 to 10 times for 3 sets.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.52.47 PM

Racery: Our virtual race through the Blue Ridge Parkway starts Friday 9/2 so there’s still plenty of time to jump in and join or start a new team. This is a FREE virtual race. All you have to do is run and log miles online for your team. Don’t worry if you’re not putting up high mileage, every runner counts! Here’s the link.

Oh one last thing…with long runs coming up fast…take a few minutes to go through our 7 Key Stretches for Runners after a good leg workout today. 🙂

Get to work Crew…LET”S DO THIS!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.03.24 PM


Day 1: Start Strong Finish Stronger!

Start Strong Finish StrongerHere we go Crew! A brand new start to a fabulous new month!

Time to shake off last’s months regrets and start the month with a bang!

We’ve got a bunch of new exercises and plenty of running to do to get ready for the upcoming fall and winter races. Start by telling us what your goals are and how we can help you reach them. What races are on your schedule? Do you want me to watch for you? Do you want us to come give you a swift kick in the behind?

Do you want us to leave you alone and let you flounder? HA! Don’t go there cause you know that won’t happen. 😉

The first of the month is a great time for some new “before” pics. Save them for your eyes only or share them with the group. Either way they will help you see how far you come…or how little you improve from being lazy…

Remember whether you think you can succeed, or think you can’t, is up to you…either way you will be right! It’s time to step it up so let’s think positivity and give it all we’ve got!

We’re starting off with 2 rounds of 10 this week except for the jumping jacks which is 2 rounds of 50. Watch the how to videos and get familiar with these exercises because as we progress through the month it will get harder.

Day 1 exercises: Arms – 2 rounds of 10 

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Jumping Jacks (50 2X)
  • Walking Push Ups
  • Forearm Plank Jacks
  • Inchworm with Shoulder Taps
  • Regular Forearm Plank – :45 (3X)

Lots of planks today which of course are also great for our core. Each day we will be doing a different plank. If you’re new to the group and new to planks please do a regular forearm plank until you are ready to move on to more advanced moves. The forearm plank is an awesome full body exercise that will strengthen your arms, back, legs, and core….and we do them every single day so learn to love them! 😉

Watch as Scott Herman (one of my favorites) shows us how to do a regular forearm plank.

Bonus: Ab & Squat Challenge – Day 1 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge

This will be 1 of our bonus workouts this month…don’t worry I will add more…but this is VERY doable. It won’t take long so I hope to see everyone jumping in on this!

  • 10 Sit Ups
  • 10 Crunches
  • 10 Squats

Easy peasy right? You got this!

Since it’s day 1 and we have plenty of time…I’m going to wait to add this week’s speed work. Don’t worry…we’ll get to it. Plan ahead for when you will make it happen though because they only way to get faster….is to run fast!

The only other thing I’d love to see lots of today is miles! The first day of the month is a great day to log some miles and start the month off strong. If you didn’t sign up for the Racery, Castle to Wales Race, there is still time. Here is the link and there is a free option if you don’t care about the medal. This course is 113.2 miles through you through lush national parks, quaint villages, bustling port towns, and of course–castles!

If 113.2 miles is a little much for you, there are lots of other Racery options for you to jump in on. Or….I could start one for our team? If there’s enough interest I will get one going today!

Who’s ready for the best month yet?!?

Are you prepared to give it your very best? Are you ready to get closer to your dreams?

Keep going! Don’t quit till you have nothing left! I know it hurts…I know your tired…give me more! Give it your best!

One day at a time. You CAN do this! Do Not Quit! Go out and kill it Crew! 🙂

Day 1: Let’s Get This Party Started Right!

Let's get this party startedReady to get this party started right? I could waste time spouting off a bunch of inspirational stuff…or I could just say…


Day 1 exercises: Arms – 2 sets of 10

  • Reverse Curl
  • Hammer Curl
  • Kettle Ball Squat + Overhead Press
  • Air Punches – :30
  • Burpees
  • Plank – :30 (2X)

If you haven’t done it yet…check out our “how to arms” videos page to see how to do each of these exercises correctly! Make modifications when needed but don’t sell yourself short. You are strong and you can do this!

Yes..2 sets of 10 burpees….and yes we are doing them 5 days a week this month. Break them into sets of 5 if you need to and click here for a reminder on how to do the perfect burpee.

Bonus: #CountUpCountDownWorkout Count Up Count Down Workout

Looking to do a little extra work before the holiday debauchery begins? Try this Count Up Count Down Workout!

It’s quick, will fire up your metabolism, and get you headed the right direction for our long weekend!

All these exercises should be familiar but here’s a reminder of what the bird dog should look like.

Bird Dog exercise

Remember to think about your water intake, decide on a daily glass commitment, and make yourself accountable by including your goal in today’s post. Download the MyFitnessPal or Waterlogged app and team up with with other Core Crew members by adding them as friends so you can keep track and cheer each other on!

Before this weekend’s long runs…don’t forget to take time to stretch and get ready for the road. Our muscles need to be limber and relaxed to avoid injuries so don’t skip this important part of your training. Here are our 7 Key Stretches for Runners.

There is no day dedicated to rest or yoga this month, but I will continue to talk about it ALL the time…don’t get annoyed…just get to stretching and get to relaxing your mind and your body. Click here for Yoga for Runners. You can throw this is any day of the week and I would love to see Yogi Runners coming out this month!

No more time to waste…get to work Core Crew and make it a fabulous Friday! 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday


March Challenge: Day 1 – Make Time!

Make time for it

Good morning Challengers and welcome to Day 1 of our March Challenge!

If you didn’t get a chance to look over the main challenge page with the calendar click here. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Print out the calendar and put it somewhere you can see it everyday. I will post the calendar as a file in Strong to the Core as well.

Now that you have the plan and are committed to this month’s workout…let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do is plan a time for your workouts. You know that if you don’t make the time to get it done…life happens…then the day is over and you are exhausted.

To keep that from happening…think about your day and schedule your workouts so you know when you will get them done and can fit it in without stressing out. I’m a morning person so my workouts are usually done before lunch. When is your “me” time?

Having that time set aside for you will make all the difference in wether you finish 15 days… or 30 days. Make a plan and stick to it. Of course we are all going to have days when the plan won’t work…but without a plan you will have a hard time succeeding.

Now it’s time to get moving….

Day 1 exercises: Arms – 3 sets of 10 Keep calm and get it done

  • Plank – :30
  • Tricep Dips
  • Overhead Shoulder Press
  • Bent Over Reverse Fly
  • Calf Raises – 10 each leg
  • Plank – :30
  • Side Plank – :30 each side
  • Arm Stretches – Bicep Wall Stretch & Tricep Towel Stretch

Don’t feel overwhelmed…it looks like a lot but it won’t take long at all. Just get started and knock it out. Watch the “how to” videos to ensure you are doing them correctly. Check out the videos below to see how to do the arm stretches for today. These will help keep your muscles soft and ready to work them again in a few days.

No bonus yet…let’s ease into it and see how it goes this week. Tuesday is usually a run day for most of us though so go out and log some miles to burn calories today and get some time on legs today!

When you are done, post in Strong to the Core that you have completed Day 1!

No slackers today y’all…I want to see everyone getting it done and making it an awesome day! 🙂

Bicep Wall Stretch:

Tricep Towel Stretch: