Day 25: Let’s Do Push Ups!

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.08.00 PM

One week from today, we are doing our Bring Sally Up Push Up Challenge! We’ve been getting ready for it all month and I know you’re arms are getting stronger!

Today it’s all about the push ups. Spread them out throughout the day or knock them out early. Up to you…but get them done Crew!

Day 25 exercises:

  • :60 High Plank
  • Push Ups – 10 x 10 (100 total)
  • :60 High Plank

Bonus: Lisa Marie’s Bring Sally Up Plank Up & Down Challenge – Lisa KILLED this challenge last week and it’s a tough one. Take short breaks when you need to, but get through it! Show her some love and tag your post with #ThankYouLisa when you’re done! 🙂


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