Day 18: Goodbye Jiggle. Hello Strong Running Arms!

As runners we ask a lot of our bodies. Not only is our entire body subject to the constant pounding and jarring every time our feet hit the ground, but every time we propel ourselves forward on one leg we use all our upper body, core and leg muscles to stay balanced and upright.

Doing muscular strength and endurance work in addition to running helps us strengthen all the muscles around our joints and improves our core strength. This means that the body is working a little less hard just to keep us upright and our joints are better protected.

Can you run without strength training? Sure. You won’t run as strong or as fast as you could and you’ll be more sore and tired when you’re done. But yes, you can do it. It really depends on what you want. Do you just want to finish and go lay down? Or do you want to finish strong and fly over that finish line feeling strong and ready for that finish line jump!?! The choice is yours!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.07.22 PM

Pump your arms and your legs will follow.

It’s a refrain we’ve all said to ourselves during the last stretch of a long run, when our legs are losing the will to live, let alone run.

It’s opposition, we learned to do it back in elementary school gym class, and most of us have never given it much thought since then. As runners, we might want to. Opposition keeps us from falling over to one side. (Thanks, arms!) When running, our arms act as a counterbalance against our legs. And vice versa: When you’re running along and speed up your arm swings, your legs will naturally pick up the pace so that, again, you don’t fall over.

While having less-than-strong arms probably won’t land us on the pavement, strengthening our arm muscles is vital to keeping us upright, in proper form, and running efficiently.

Plus, when we hit it hard during the home stretch of an endurance event, and our strong arms can kick into overdrive. If they are worn out and fatigued by the time we get to mile 12 in a 13.1, they may very well be why we don’t hit that coveted PR.

That said, bulging biceps will only get us so far on the race course. When running, our triceps and deltoids do most of the work. A lot of the forward swing, which you would think is thanks to our biceps, is actually momentum. Of course, it’s still important not to ignore your biceps, because they look good and we don’t want any muscular imbalances.

There’s lots of moves to build strong tined triceps, but today, we’re bringing Sally back and moving along with her catchy song to work our muscles to fatigue!

The Tricep Dip – This exercise is for the arms, shoulders, and chest and gives our tired legs a break. We want to work our arms to get rid of that dreaded jiggle, but we know that we use our arms as we run and tricep dips or other tricep related exercises are especially good as they match the movement of our running the most closely.

Ready for the Bring Sally Up Tricep edition? Let’s do this! Follow along with me below and don’t forget those push ups and planks too!

Day 17 exercises:

  • Plank – Straight Arm Triangle Plank (:60)
  • Push Ups – 3 x 15 (a few extra…it is arm day 😉 )
  • Bring Sally Up – Tricep Edition
  • Plank – Straight Arm Triangle Plank (:60)

Plank: This plank is a little different than what we are used to. It is similar to a triangle push up so just get into that position and hold strong for 60 seconds!

Bring It Up Sally – Tricep Edition: So I wrote this post…then did Bring it Up Sally tricep edition. But my videographer (Silas) got the first part then somehow stopped it and restarted it but didn’t get the rest on tape. And…I’m not doing it again! LOL I will post the first part of that video in our group so you can see how to do it then you can follow along with the video below to get the whole song. Sorry to make it more difficult. Blame Silas. 😉

Remember to keep your elbows tucked in close to your body and use your arms, not your legs to lift you up. If it’s too easy, move your feet away from your body, if it’s too difficult, move your feet in closer to your body. GETTTT ITTT!!! Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.07.16 PM

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