Days 29 & 30: Make it Count!

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Sometimes I wonder if the time goes by faster because I am writing posts with dates and I watch the days click by…I’m not sure if this is the case but it sure feels like it!

Oh well…we can’t stop time…but we can make it count!

We make it count by making time for ourselves, by striving for the goals we set for ourselves, by pushing past our excuses and getting it done even when we don’t want to!

Invest in yourself, use the time you set aside for yourself wisely and make it count! Two more days in Novembers…then we start December, which I promise is coming together as a simple and familiar routine that you can get done in 15 minute or less EVERY DAY!

Let’s do this Crew….MAKE IT COUNT!

Before we get to the nitty gritty…we have a winner for the Thanksgiving #Countdowntothefeast Sqoosh contest! I put the names of all each Core Crew member who completed the Thanksgiving workout and tagged their post into a random name generator and the winner is….(insert drum roll here)….

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.44.50 AM

Caitlin Magnuson you are our Thanksgiving #Countdowntothefeast Sqoosh winner! Congratulations! I will get your Sqoosh in the mail ASAP! I hope you like it! 🙂

Day 29 exercises: 3 sets of 10 with 1 minute rest in between sets (“how to” videos at bottom of post)

  • Overhead Circles with Medicine Ball or Dumbbell (10 circles each way)
  • Dumbbell Side Bends
  • Medicine Ball or Dumbbell Reverse Lunge with Twist
  • Squat Curl & Press
  • Bear Crawl Box
  • Squat Jumpback
  • :30 Wall Sit (each round)
  • :30 Plank (each round)

Day 30: Modern Moms/Dads Hip Strength – Always a favorite and a super quick but very effective burn! 4 minutes per leg. That’s all you need to do for the last day of November! I wanna see the page blowing up with “#NovemberDONE!” 🙂

Speed Work: This week’s workout depends on what you are training for and there is something for everyone! If you missed it, or need a reminder, click here and scroll down.

Day 29 “how to” videos:

Overhead Circles with Medicine Ball or Dumbbell: If you use a dumbbell for this exercise, please be careful and don’t hit yourself in the head! 🙂

Dumbbell Side Bend: This video says “for me” but come on…we know women can do this just as well or better! 😉 Hold that core tight to get the most out of this exercise!

Medicine Ball Reverse Lunge with Twist: This can also be done with a dumbbell or any kind of weight. Great way to add core strength with a leg workout.

Squat Curl & Press: This move has it all! Quads, glutes, core, arms! Watch the video to see how it’s done properly.

Bear Crawl Box: Another great compound move. This one will work our core (hold it tight!), legs, glutes and arms! One full box is one rep!

Squat Jumpback: Take it easy on the jump back then give it some power going forward!

Plank & Wall Sit: You know how to do these…add one :30 plank and one :30 wall sit at the end of each round!

Day 28: Thank you! Now Get To Work! ;)

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Thank you for your patience with my slacking on our Monday message and exercises. That post marathon crash was real and I couldn’t tear myself away from my pillow. 🙂

Sleep cures so many things and now I am ready to get back to work and finish this month with a BANG!

Three more days, full workouts today and tomorrow then a quick workout on Friday and we are done! Of course, we don’t get much of a rest break since December 1st is Friday and we start all over again, but hey…at least Thursday is an easy day! 😉

Ok so on to Monday’s workout, which we now are doing on Tuesday…

Day 28 exercises: 3 sets of 20 with 1 minute rest in between sets (“how to” videos below)

  • Alphabet Abs with Medicine Ball or Dumbbell (1 time through alphabet)
  • Standing Twist with Medicine Ball or Dumbbell
  •  Single Leg Scarecrow
  • Side Lying Leg Raise
  • Bent Over Lateral Leg Raise
  • Plie Squats
  • Wall Sit – :60 once each round (3 :60 Wall Sits)

Speed Work: Fartleks Workouts for 5K to Marathon – Depending on the distance you are training for, your speed work should look different, feel different and last a different amount of time. These fartlek workouts can be done on the road, so no need to seek out a track and run in circles. For this week, take a look at the workouts below, find the distance you are training for, then go for it! I’m here if you have questions, so as always, please reach out to me!

5K Fartlek Speed Work: The purpose of 5K training is to get comfortable with being very uncomfortable for a short amount of time, so your workouts should serve that purpose. A quick cadence and fast foot turnover is vital for running a strong 5K, so fartleks that emphasize quick bursts of very hard running will help you become a more efficient runner and prepare your body for the demands of 5K race specific speed work.

The Workout: Warm up with 1-2 miles at an easy pace. Repeat 12-15 repetitions of running hard (at 5K race effort or slightly faster) for 1 minute and running easy for 1 minute. Cool down with 1-2 miles of easy running. Focus on taking short and quick steps during the hard running segments.

10K Fartlek Speed Work: 10K runners want to achieve a good balance between endurance and speed. To run a successful 10K, you need to learn how to how a fairly hard pace for a decent amount of time, which means that a smart sense of pacing is necessary to keep you from starting out too fast and slowing down over the last 2 miles.

The Workout: After a 2 mile easy paced warm up, run for 4 minutes at a hard effort, 2 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy, and 1 minute hard. Run easy for 5 minutes and then repeat the fartlek again before cooling down for 1-2 miles. Your hard effort should be in the range of 10K to 5K race effort; what matters is being able to sustain an even effort for all of the hard intervals without slowing down.

Half Marathon or 10 Mile Speed Work: Has this ever happened to you? You’re gliding along at a comfortably hard pace for the first 8-10 miles of your half marathon, when suddenly you feel as if you can’t move your legs any faster. No matter how hard you push (and you feel as if you’re pushing at your very limit), you see the clock along the course or check your Garmin to realize that you are actually slowing down. It happens to all of us!

This half marathon fartlek workout serves to teach your legs to pick up the pace after you’ve been running for several miles. After adding a few fartlek long runs into your half marathon training, you won’t struggle to speed up during those last few miles of the race. Instead, you’ll be passing other runners and finishing your race strong.

The Workout: Run 5-7 miles at your normal easy long run pace. Once you reach mile 5-7, alternate between 2 minutes at tempo effort (half marathon effort or just slightly faster) and 2 minutes at an easy effort for 2-3 miles. Cool down with an easy mile then walk it off at the end. Tempo effort should feel comfortably hard and you should focus on breathing in and out very deeply while concentrating on keep your form nice and tall and holding your tempo pace during the speed bursts. This workout will cover 8-11 miles and should be done several days in advance of your long run to allow your legs and lungs to fully recover. You can also add this in as your long run IF you have been running for a while and have a very good long run base. If you do this as your long run, you may need to add a few more miles either to the warm up or to the workout portion.

Marathon Fartlek Workout: You don’t want to get hurt soon before a long race, so this workout is great if you are coming close to your marathon, or if you’re just starting and want to get used to adding bursts of speed.

By running according to effort, you avoid pushing yourself harder than you should just to hit an arbitrary split time. Fartlek workouts also usually cover less distance at a lower intensity than traditional speed work, so they’re ideal for marathoners who are pushing their bodies to the limit with long runs and high mileage. You don’t need to push yourself to a vomit-inducing pace; fartlek intervals at 10K effort (moderately hard) will provide you with all of the benefits of speed work without the risk of injury.

The WorkoutWarm up for 2-3 miles, run 6-8 repeats of 3 minutes at a moderately hard effort (10K effort) and 2 minutes easy, then cool down for 2-3 miles. Depending on your speed,

You should cover just under half a mile in each repeat including the easy portion, but they’re easier on the mind and the body than all-out 600 meter or 800 meter repeats. Meanwhile, you’ll cover anywhere from 8-11 miles in this workout, depending on your speed and number of repeats, which means this workout will also help you increase your endurance!

Day 28 “how to” videos:

Alphabet Abs: If you have trouble with ab exercises on the floor, this is a great way to switch things up. Plus it looks kinda fun. Probably a good idea to do this one in front of a mirror to make it the most effective.

Standing Twist with Medicine Ball or Dumbbell: This core-strengthening exercise allows your torso to move through a full range of motion, targeting your back, abdominals and obliques all at once.

Single Leg Scarecrow: This exercise will work our legs, arms, and abs. Make sure you keep your core tight and stand tall while balancing on one leg. The balancing part should be made a little easier since you are holding weights which will help to stabilize you.

Side Lying Leg Raise: We’ve done this one before. but here is a reminder. Great for that coveted “runner’s butt” and a good core exercise if you are keeping that core tight!

Bent Over Lateral Leg Raise: This exercise sounds way more complicated than it is. Use your glutes to raise your leg sideways and make sure to keep your hips stable and strong.

Plie Squats: Plie squats are going to work your thigh area, which is your quads, your inner thighs, your gluts, and the hamstrings, the back of the legs. For a plie squat, you’re going to turn your toes out to the side about 45 degrees in a squat position. Your feet are a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart.

Wall Sit: You know this one…throw in one :60 Wall Sit at the end of each round.

Days 25 & 26: You Know the Drill

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.56.46 PM

What time is it? Time for long runs, races, active recovery, and yoga for runners!

No strength, well except for our daily wall sit! 🙂 But other than that it’s time to do what we all love the most…RUN!

So what’s on your to do list this weekend?

Todays assignment go run

If you are racing this weekend we want to know about it! Let us know when and where so we can cheer you on. If we can track you, we’d love a link. We don’t want to add pressure, but we do want to be with you in the moment and send you good vibes along the way!

I will be pacing the Space Coast Marathon on Sunday for Galloway using a 1:15 / :30 run/walk ratio shooting for a 4:45 finish time. My foot is good to go, but I’ve been under the weather this week, so I would love to have you with me in spirit. Track me using the RaceJoy app. Not my favorite tracking system as it doesn’t always seem to work properly, but here is the link in case you would like to send me good vibes on the course. Let me know so I know you are with me!

Track me at the Space Coast Marathon using RaceJoy

Weekend “to do” list + links to stretching and yoga options are below. Make it a fun, active weekend Crew!

Day 25: Leg Swings + Hip Hurdles + Lunge Matrix + Long Run + :60 Wall Sit + Legs Up the Wall + 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Day 26: Wall Sit + Active Recovery + Yoga for Runners


Day 24: The Day After….

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.59.25 PM

Hey Crew! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and some great food to eat!

Busy Thanksgiving Day for me and my family as I shuttled the little man to the early race start to cheer (he did great so proud of him for getting up at 5:30am and staying out in the rain all morning!), then off to my dad’s for lunch, then to my aunt’s for dinner. WHEW…I’m exhausted! It’s 10pm and we just got home, so this will be short and quick but tomorrow is another day and we must push on!

Especially since we probably ate a little too much…just a little though right? 😉

Here we go…abs and arms! And maybe a run? Definitely a run for me! An easy one…cause I weight a little (just a little) more than yesterday….

Day 24: Abs and Arms – 3 sets of 15 with 1 minute rest between sets

  • Russian Twists
  • Crunches
  • Standing Side Leg Raises
  • Bow and Arrow Squat Pull
  • Straight Arm Climb
  • Single Arm Sit Up
  • Plank Pull Through

Bonus: Cardio! Get in some kind of good cardio today. It can be a run, bike ride, swim, fast walk, cardio class; whatever floats your boat. Just get sweaty and let’s work off that “day after” Thanksgiving bloat!

Day 24 “how to” videos:

Russian Twists: I think you are all familiar with this exercise, but just in case you need a reminder….

Crunches: 3 sets of 15 might be tough with a full belly…but I think you can do more. How about pushing it a little harder here and making it 3 sets of 25? Tag with #ICanDoMoreCrunches if you see this and push a little harder to work those abs!

Standing Side Leg Raise: This sounds like a glute and leg exercise, and it will work those areas, but I want you to really concentrate on holding your core tight and using those muscles to pull your legs up to the side. Stand tall and try not to lean to one side as you pull each leg up.

Bow and Arrow Squat Pull: We did this exercise earlier in the month, but did it a little differently, and it wasn’t a favorite so we are changing it up just a bit. Still a great arm and core workout, but not quite as cumbersome. Let me know if you like this version better.

Straight Arm Climb: I couldn’t find a great video for this one, but it’s a pretty basic exercise so I’m hoping it will be easy to follow the guide below. Let me know if you have questions and I will do a how to video for you in the morning.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.24.40 PMGrab a pair of dumbbells and lie faceup on the floor, arms extended straight out above chest, palms facing away from head. Lift head and neck off the floor, looking up to ceiling, and press right arm up, lifting head and right shoulder blade off the floor.

Immediately lower right shoulder and repeat the lift on left side. Avoid letting elbows bend as you lift and lower. Do 15 reps, alternating sides each time.

Single Arm Sit Up: Another combination move that targets our arms and our core. 15 per side for 1 set.

Grab a dumbbell in one hand and lie faceup on the floor extending that arm straight out from shoulder, with the other arm by side on the floor. Extend the oppostie leg out straight and bend the other knee, placing your foot flat on the floor. Brace abs in tight and roll up through spine (keep arm with dumbbell reaching straight up to ceiling the entire time). Reach opposite arm forward in front of shoulder.

Round back and brace abs in tight to slowly roll through back and return to start. Do 15 reps, and then repeat on opposite side. Too tough? Keep right arm on the ground for more support as you do the sit-up and lower down.

Plank Pull Through: YOU CAN DO THIS! Use a high plank and wide stance position and place a dumbbell to one side. You will pull the dumbbell through using one arm, then pull it back though the other way. 15 reps per set.

Days 22 & 23: Pre-Thanksgiving Booty Burn

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.03.08 AM

One more hard workout before we….

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.53.37 AM

Legs and Arms today Crew! Let’s get those muscles burning so we can go into tomorrow ready to eat guilt free! Lots of Crew members running Turkey Trots, 10Ks, and halfs tomorrow, so make sure you take pictures for us, but also, don’t forget your Thanksgiving  Day workout! It’s a quick routine that will get our metabolism fired up and ready to gobble up those yummy calories we consume. Get it done then let’s eat and give thanks!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.09.35 AM

Day 22: Legs & Arms – 3 sets of 20 with a one minute rest between sets (find “how to” videos at the bottom of the post)

  • Shoulder Press
  • Hammer Curls
  • Tricep Overhead Extension
  • Sumo Squat + :20 Pulse Hold
  • Donkey Kicks + :20 Pulse Hold
  • Fire Hydrants with Straight Leg
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • :60 Plank

Day 23: #CountdowntotheFeast – A Thanksgiving Day Workout

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.12.16 AM

Thanksgiving Day Bonus: Tell us what you are thankful for! Everyone who posts that they completed their #CountdowntotheFeast and what they are thankful for will get an entry to our Thanksgiving Day contest giveaway. Who wants a #Sqoosh? I have a pretty blue one all wrapped up and ready to go! Don’t forget to tag me in your post to make sure I see it.

We are grateful we can move and be active so let’s put our thanks to good use and do it for everyone who can’t, do it for yourself and your goals, do it because you love it….and do it for the pie!

Happy Thanksgiving Crew! xoxoxoxo

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.15.05 AM

Day 22 “how to” videos:

Shoulder Press: This is the exercise someone (sorry I can’t remember who) saw someone else doing at the gym the other day and cringed at their form. Or was it bicep curls…. Either way, it’s very important not to swing your arms to push the weights up over your head, or to pull them up in a bicep curl. You want to stay very steady and strong through your torso, and use the power and strength in your arms and shoulders. Let’s watch Michelle Trapp show us how to do it.

Hammer Curls: Very similar to bicep curls except we turn our palms inward with the weights perpendicular to the floor, just like your holding a hammer.

Tricep Overhead Extensions: She’s always got great form, here’s Michelle Trapp again, showing us how to do perfect tricep overhead extensions.

Sumo Squats + Pulse: Sumo Squats are just a variation of a regular squat that targets our inner thighs a little more. You’ll also feel this in your core and glutes so tighten those areas as well. Make sure you do 20 full sumo squats then go into a pulse for an additional :20.

Donkey Kicks with Pulse: We all know how to do a Donkey Kick right? So a set of 20 plus an additional :20 pulse at the end of each set. Watch how to do the pulse portion of the donkey kick below. Remember to get that 90 degree angle then start your pulse and keep it up high!

Fire Hydrants with Straight Leg: This exercise is a slightly more complex variation of the Fire Hydrant exercise. It strengthens, shapes and tones the glutes while also working out the hip flexors, the inner thighs and the lower back.

Days 20 & 21: Feel That GOOOOOD Burn!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 6.40.25 PM

If your muscles aren’t on fire…you’re doing it wrong! Feeling that GOOOOD burn? Then you’re doing it right! Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 8.22.01 PM

Monday’s workout is a good one! Lots of reps, but they’re quick and then you get that good “on fire” burn with a :30 pulse hold at the end. Do a nice slow count for the pulse and hold strong!

Day 20: 4 sets of 25 + :30 Pulse Hold with 1 minute rest between sets

  • Squats (hold low squat position and pulse for :30 squeezing glutes and quads)
  • Russian Twists (hold middle Russian plank position and pulse core for :30 squeezing core tightly)
  • Split Squats (hold in low split squat position for :30 squeezing glutes and quads)
  • Leg Lifts (hold feet off the floor for :30)
  • :60 Wall Sit (no pulse hold)
  • :60 Plank (no pulse hold)

I think we’re all familiar with these exercises but if you need a reminder, let me know and I will do a video for you. 🙂

Day 21: Core Workout for Runners

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 6.50.54 PM

Speed Work: Short Fartlek Countdown Workout

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 7.42.39 PM

Simple workout this week since we have a big holiday coming up and the last thing we need is extra stress. Get in a good warm up, take longer than 15 minutes if you want/need too, then go for it! 16 minutes total for this workout. If you’re feeling squirrely and want more…double up and do the workout twice before you’re cool down making it a 32 minute workout, but don’t neglect your cool down!

It’s a busy week, but we don’t want to neglect our workouts. Plan ahead to get it done and once you do…then you can relax!

Alway better sore than sorry, right? It’s Monday…let’s do this Crew!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 8.13.13 PM



Days 18 & 19: Shine or Shout!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.41.09 PM

Sometimes we run. Sometimes we cheer!

There’s always room for everyone to shine!

No matter if you’re in the lead pack, or bringing up the rear…you shine just as bright and deserve all the applause. That’s why one of my favorite things to do is cheer on my fellow runners. You’ll often find me on the side of the road, cow bell in hand, camera ready. I find so much joy in letting others know they are doing awesome things. It might even be a little selfish because it makes ME feel good to make sure YOU know you are awesome! 🙂

I might not be able to run this weekend, and I probably won’t be along your roadside with my cow bell…but I’ll be watching and cheering on my Crew doing amazing things all over the world!

So tell me, who’s got something amazing going on? Our #PhillyCrew is going to kill it on Sunday at the Philadelphia Marathon…who else? I know there are a bunch of marathons, halfs, 10Ks, 5Ks, and fun runs happening…tell us what you’re doing so we can shout your name and cheer you on!

Whether it’s your time in the sun, or your turn to shout, embrace the opportunity and give it all you’ve got!

Oh, and when you get done, don’t forget your post run wall sits. 🙂

Day 18: Warm Up Drills (Leg Swings, Hip Hurdles, Lunge Matrix) + Long Run + :60 Wall Sit + Legs up the Wall (5-15 min) + 7 Key Stretches for Runners 

Looks like but each of these things only take a few minutes but can make a world of difference!

Day 19: :60 Plank + :60 Wall Sit + Active Recovery / Yoga for Runners / Stretching

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.25.36 PM

Day 17: Arms & Abs! And My Own Confession…

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.15.39 AM

It’s Friday again! Time for some arm and ab work!

There have been a few “confessions” this week and now it’s time for one from me. This is hard for me to talk about because talking about it makes it more real. But here goes…

I have a possible stress fracture in my left foot. It seems to be around my 4th or 5th metatarsal bones and it just started this week. I was fine after the New York Marathon with only a few easy runs that next week, but after my first “real” 5 mile run this past Tuesday, I had some pain in my left foot. It started it the first 2 miles, got worse as the miles ticked by, then got even worse throughout the day and at Silas’ game on Tuesday night, I was limping.

Wednesday, I went to my PT who said she didn’t think it was a stress fracture but she wanted me to get an X-ray to be sure. I immediately went to urgent care and got an X-ray, where the Doc also said he doesn’t think it is a stress fracture. He didn’t see anything on the X-ray but said it’s too soon to tell for sure since stress fractures take some time to show themselves.

I’m on complete restriction from anything weight bearing for the next 2 days, then on Saturday or Sunday, I can go for a 5 min run. If I have any pain at all, it’s probably a stress fracture and I need an MRI, then will probably be in a boot for 6-8 weeks. If no pain, then it is probably tendinitis and I can keep running.

Of course, this is a terrible time for an injury that puts me out of the game for 6-8 weeks. I have WAY too many races and other fun stuff coming up, but there is no rhyme or reason to injuries, and this is not one that could be avoided through strength training. It just happens…and it sucks. But I am trying to stay off my foot for now, and stay positive. I won’t know anything for sure for a while, but I will keep you all updated.

In the meantime, I CAN do our arm exercises and some of the ab exercises, and I will be rolling and stretching like a mad woman! 🙂

Coincidently, Jennifer Stoner is in a similar predicament as I am and she is also waiting to get a real answer on a stress fracture or something else. We were quite the pair at our Moms on the Run class Thursday night…both coaches on crutches! But we showed up, got in Modern Moms Hip Strength with the ladies, and still had a great class. 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.39.20 AM

So, while I am on restriction, I hope you will do what I cannot do. I hope you will continue to get stronger, and continue to get your important workouts and runs in. Please keep me and Jennifer in your thoughts and prayers because I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! UGH! I’ve already found someone to pace the Thanksgiving Day Classic Half marathon I was supposed to run next Thursday but am hoping and praying I will be ok and can pace the Space Coast Marathon the following Sunday.

Someday, something might happen to sideline you. But until that time, you are healthy, strong and capable. So don’t take it for granted. Take advantage of your health and go out and get sweaty!

Day 17 exercises: Arms & Abs – 3 sets of 15 with a 1 minute rest between sets (“how to” videos are below)

  • Front and Side Arm Raises
  • Tricep Overhead Extensions
  • Scull Crushers
  • Ab Sit Up & Twist with Dumbbell
  • Standing Knee Cross Crunch
  • Standing Side Crunch
  • :60 High Plank each round (total of 3 :60 High Planks)

Bonus: Roll & Stretch! Long runs are coming up! We also have several Crew members who are racing this weekend including our #PhillyCrew who is running the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday! So EVERYONE should be rolling, stretching, hydrating and getting ready for those long runs and races! Roll first to release the knots and tension then take your time going through our 7 Key Stretches for Runners.

Let’s get to work Crew! Because….

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.45.47 AM

Day 17 “how to” videos:

Front and Side Arm Raises: Changing it up this time and making this a true combination move since we’ve done this exercise a lot…good way to keep it fresh!

Tricep Overhead Extensions: Here’s Michelle Trapp showing us how to strengthen those very important tricep muscles!

Scull Crushers: One of my favorites, Scott Herman showing us how to do scull crushers, another great exercise to help us build strength in those ever important triceps. Scott uses 2 dumbbells, but just grab one good size and don’t crush your scull!

Ab Sit Up + Twist with Dumbbell: Same exercise we did on Wednesday, and a great way to work our arms and abs at the same time.

Standing Knee Cross Crunch: This video is in fast forward but don’t try to do it fast! 🙂 Slow it down and focus on tightening those abs on each move. Both sides = 1 repetition.

Standing Side Crunch: Slow it down on this one and use your core to pull your legs up and your arms down to meet them.

High Plank: Watch how to do a perfect high plank in this video. Make sure you get that booty down into a straight line with the rest of your body just like a push in the high position.

Thanksgiving Day Classic Half Marathon & 5K – Free Race Entry Contest!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.37.20 AM

It’s that time of year again….time for one of my favorite races!

The Thanksgiving Day Classic Half Marathon and 5K is THE PERFECT way to start this day. Get out and burn some calories before we eat ALL THE THINGS! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.53.37 AM

I love to let you all know about fun local races, but I don’t usually have the chance to give away an entry to one…and one of my favorites too!

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up, or have been on the fence about spending the money for the race, you’re in luck be cause today is different.

Today I have a race entry to give away…YAY!!

Here’s the deal, this race is put on by 1st Place Sports and Tropical Smoothie Cafe, so in order to win this race entry, you’re going to have to show some love! There are six 1st Place Sports locations and eighteen Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations around Jacksonville and in St Augustine. Links to info for both locations are below.

1st Place Sports locations

Tropical Smoothie Cafe store locater

In order to get into the drawing for this race entry, you need to go to one of these locations, either 1st Place Sports OR Tropical Smoothie Cafe, take a selfie, and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the tags: #1stPlaceSports, #TropicalSmoothieCafe, #ThanksgivingDayClassic & #FreeRaceEntryPlease. You also need to tag me so I see it!

The contest will end Saturday, November 18th at 5pm so you must have your tagged post up by then. I will take all the entries and put them in a random name generator to pull the contest winner!

Easy peasy fun contest! No purchase necessary!

The Thanksgiving Day Classic 5K starts at 6:50am, the Half Marathon starts at 7am, and the 1 mile Turkey Trot starts at 7:05am on Thursday, November 23rd. Find all the race details and registration links on the 1st Place Sports race website or the Thanksgiving Day Class event Facebook page. 

While you’re at 1st Place Sports or Tropical Smoothie Cafe, check out the awesome running gear or yummy food and smoothies! Want to know more about 1st Place Sports or all the deliciousness available at Tropical Smoothie Cafe? You can find tons of good info on their websites and social media pages below! 🙂

1st Place Sports:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

You have 3 days, Thursday through Saturday at 5pm so find time to get to 1st Place Sports or Tropical Smoothie Cafe, take your selfie and post your pics with all the hashtags. Contest starts NOW!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Days 15 & 16: Believe in Yourself!


Tough workout ahead…but you’re going to make it look easy because you believe in yourself and that makes ANYTHING possible!

Legs and arms today…plus our favorite Modern Mom/Dad Hip Strength routine as a bonus. I know we 4 sets of 10 sounds like a lot but these exercises are quick and you will fly through it. And anyway…you believed in Santa for like 8 years…you can believe in yourself and handle a good 30 minute workout! 🙂

Don’t forget your speed work! I’ve already seen a bunch of good speed this week and I want to see more! I’m heading to track this morning and I might not go all out since I am still in recovery mode from New York, but I’m going! Are you getting out there for your speed work or are you making excuses? I know I know…not everyone cares about getting faster. That’s ok! Speed work has MANY benefits! Should I tell you about them again? Sure! Check out the benefits beyond getting faster to speed work below!

Here we go Crew. Believe in yourself and you WILL fly through today’s workout!

Wednesday – Day 15: 4 sets of 10 with 1 minute rest between sets (“how to” videos below)

  • Teeter Totter
  • Single Leg Jump Rope
  • Pistol Squats
  • Crocodile Rows
  • Sit Up & Twist with Dumbbell
  • Side Push Ups
  • High Side Plank (:30 per side per round)

Bonus: Modern Mom/Dad Hip Strength – It’s been a while since we’ve done any hip specific exercises so today is the day! 4 minutes per leg. Feel the burn and push through it!

Thursday – Day 16: Cardio Strength! – Bust out 1 round and you are done!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.08.09 PM


Speed Work: Cruise Intervals

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 6.40.54 PM

Benefits of speed work beyond getting faster:

But first, a couple myths about speed work…

Myth #1: You need to be fast to do speed work.

Speed work refers to a type of running workout in which you are running for certain intervals near, at, or even faster than your VO2max pace. Your VO2max is a measure of how much oxygen your body can use; most runners will hit their VO2max pace around their 5K to 3K (2-mile) pace.

You don’t need to be knocking out 5-minute miles in order to do mile repeats. Every runner can benefit from speed work. Even if running faster is not one of your goals, speed work should still be a part of a well-rounded training program!

Speed work is performed relative to your running fitness and pace. Effort is what your body knows—not what someone else is running! Perform at an effort that hard for you, whether hard is a 6:00 minute mile, a 10:00 minute mile or a 12 minute mile. It all counts.

Myth #2: You must do speed work on a track.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing shorter speed workouts on the track, doing your speed work on the roads or a paved trail offers lots of benefits. The varying terrain mimics what you will encounter on race day, especially if you are racing a 5K or 10K on the roads. Some runners experience IT band issues from running circles around the track, so speed work on the roads may also decrease your risk of injury.

So why should you do speed work?

  1. During speed training, you maximally activate your slow-twitch muscles and intermediate muscle fibers, which increases your aerobic capacity. Your aerobic capacity is essential to running any distance, whether it’s a mile or a marathon.
  2. Speed work also increases your production of myoglobin, which is a protein found in your muscles. Myoglobin transports oxygen to the mitochondria in your muscles, which in turn produce ATP to give your muscles energy. So, as you increase your myoglobin, you improve your body’s ability to quickly transport oxygen to the muscles for energy, making you able to run faster and making it easier for you to run longer! Speed work is uniquely beneficial in this aspect, as research indicates that high-intensity running is the best way to develop myoglobin.
  3. Finally, speed work will help you adapt your body to store more glycogen. This is one of the reasons half and full marathoners should not neglect interval runs, since glycogen storage is essential to long distance running. Glycogen is the form in which your muscles store carbohydrates for easy energy conversion. The larger these stores, the longer you can keep running before hitting the wall. Speed work rapidly depletes your glycogen stores, thus sending signals to your muscles that they need to adapt to store more carbs for energy on future runs.

Even marathoners who aren’t concerned with super fast times need to do speed work because speed work develops your fast-twitch muscles. While these muscles are dominantly used in shorter, faster races, when your slow-twitch muscles fatigue during a marathon your body will recruit your fast-twitch muscles. Training your fast-twitch muscles improves your running economy and your ability to keep running when you get tired, very important for any race distance.

Speed work is recommended no matter what race goal you have, even if your goal is just to finish. Depending on the distance you are racing, the distance of your speed work will vary, but no matter what, you WILL benefit from doing a weekly speed workout!

This week’s workout will be similar to a tempo run, but with VERY short recovery breaks so technically is it not a tempo run, which is why we are calling it “cruise intervals.” You will be cruising along, then back off the gas pedal every once in a while to recover, then hit the gas again when the light turns green. 😉

The Workout: Total of 4-8 miles with 2-4 at tempo pace with a :15 recovery jog every .25 miles.

If you are able to run this workout on the track, you will run 400M then without completely stopping, you will jog in circles for :15 then take off again. Similarly, if you are running on the road, you will run at tempo pace for a quarter mile, then take a :15 recovery jog before getting moving again.

A tempo run starts with a warm up and this workout does as well. So start with a 1-2 mile easy jog to get your legs moving and your breathing under control. Then you will go right into your first .25 cruising speed. Your tempo pace is about 20 seconds slower than your 10K pace. If you haven’t ran a 10K recently, that’s ok. Find your most recent 5K or half marathon race pace, then message me and I will let you know what your 10K pace is and we will add :20.

Once you’ve gotten to 2-4 miles (depending on what you are training for and where you’re at in your training, back off the pace and do a full 1-2 mile cool down.

Training for:

  • 5K = 1 mile warm up + 2 miles of speed + 1 mile cool down – Total of 4 miles
  • 10K = 1-1.5 mile warm up + 2.5 miles of speed + 1-1.5 mile cool down – Total of 5-6 miles
  • Half Marathon = 2 mile warm up + 3 miles of speed + 2 mile cool down – Total of 7 miles
  • Marathon = 2 mile warm up + 4 miles of speed + 2 mile cool down – total of 8 miles

This may sound scary and bring on some anxiety, but don’t overthink it. Remember, this is training and it is PRACTICE! If it doesn’t go exactly as planned, that is OK! We get better at finding our pace and regulating our breathing every time we get through a tough workout. Just do your best….and by that I  mean go out and run with your heart! With practice, you’ll discover that there’s about a five-second window of optimum recovery between your interval sets. You’ll feel it when it arrives. If you feel like you need more recovery time during each repeat, you are going too fast.

As always, I am here to chat so reach out and ask if you have questions!

Day 15 “how to” videos: Watch the videos below to see how to do our exercises properly to avoid injury!

Teeter Totter: Teeter Totters develop balance and strength in the ankle and hamstrings of the stable leg. This exercise is great for runners to increase their speed and stability.

Single Leg Jump Rope (with OR without a jump rope): Great drill for balance and more efficient running! If you don’t have a jump rope, that is OK, pretend you do!

Pistol Squats: This is a tough one leg exercise but AWESOME for leg AND hip strength. This video is a little long but he explains how to do Pistol Squats and what level you should start at. Don’t try to go all out and go to the floor unless you have kept up with this exercise since we did it last and have mastered it. Start from a chair or a high bench. If you start too big, you will get hurt or at least fall over and give up. And we are NOT quitters! 🙂

Crocodile Rows: The Crocodile Row exercise works your back, shoulders, biceps, and abs. I love this move because it is quick and effect. Check it out.

Sit Up & Twist with Dumbbell: Another new favorite of mine as it works our abs and our arms. It’s not as hard as you think, but it will give you a great burn!

Side Push Ups: This exercise targets our triceps (important for runners) and our chest muscles. 10 each set…totally doable!

Side Planks: Make sure your feet are stacked and tighten that core!