Day 17: Runner For Life

taking a selfie after leg dayLeg day!!! Go hard today Core Crew! If you can walk without moaning a little…you aren’t working hard enough!

Distance running makes you stronger. You have to get stronger and build endurance to keep you going for miles and miles.

Limiting  yourself to running as the only means to strengthen your lower body…especially if you are doing strength training for your upper body…will give you that upside down pyramid look: a bulky, strong upper body and little chicken legs. This isn’t good for your hips, quads, knees, ankles, and feet. The impact of each step is exacerbated by the load that the muscular upper body places on those skinny legs.

Why do we need strong legs?

  1. To condition the muscles and soft tissues of your lower body to effectively support the weight in your upper body.
  2. To balance the strength, endurance, size, and control of the upper and lower body.
  3. To prevent injury to your lower joints and extremities.

These reasons are for everyone, but for runners…they’re even more important. Running is a lifetime sport…and we are runners for life. Let’s get to work and keep our legs strong and ready to go the distance.

Day 17 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 6X each leg (2 sets)
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 3 sets of 10
  • Squats – Your Choice – 3 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 minute (2X)
  • Side Plank – :30 each side (2X)
  • 35 Push ups

Bonus: #Round4

Want those “I can’t walk normal after leg day legs?” Let’s go Core Crew…1 more round! 🙂

Changed it to 4

Running Drills and Speed Work: Get a detailed explanation of our running drills and speed work here.

  • Running Drill: Bounding
  • Speed Work:
    • 1 mile warm up (conversation pace)
    • 4X 400M
    • 4X 200M
    • 1 mile cool down
    • Total of 3.5 miles

If you are doing speed work today…remember to do it before you fastest timetackle our leg day exercises.

  • Running Drills
  • Speed Work
  • Leg day
  • Stretch

If you are wondering about pace for speed work….please reach out to me and let’s chat about what is the right pace for you. You can private message me here.

We train, we run, we want to be healthier and stronger…but running is a lifetime sport and we are runners for life.

Keep your spirits high and keep pushing Core Crew! 🙂

Lifetime sport


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