Day 27: Where Is Your Gym?

my-gymBeing inspiring at 3:30am doesn’t come easy…especially when you’ve got to get out the door for a 15 mile run. But here goes.

Get to work! 😉

All kidding aside…it’s Friday and it’s almost the weekend! Where will your gym be today?

My gym is outside in the crisp, clean morning air with some of my favorite people. Today is our first 15 mile training run to prepare for the Chicago Marathon. Going long is exciting and nerve racking but friends make it easier and fun.

Find your passion… find your reason to get moving…find your gym and make today count. Take a pic of your gym and share it with us…maybe you’ll inspire someone to get up and get moving!

Day 27 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 6 (each leg)
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 4 sets of 10
  • Squats – Your Choice – 4 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 minute (2X)
  • Side Plank – :30 each side (2X)
  • 50 Push Ups

Bonus: #StretchItOut

Since it’s almost time to go long over the weekend knock out leg day then take the extra time to go through our 7 Key Stretches for Runners. Your body will thank you!

That’s all I’ve got, but you’re a runner…you understand. Go out and make it a great Friday Core Crew! 🙂

runners understand

Day 24: Do It For The Legs

Oh My Gosh….those legs….

Walk Strong…Kick Hard…Let me see you LUNGE!

Look at them legs…they’re amazing!

Runner Legs…they’re amazing! But we all know that to get those tone, strong runner legs…we have to do more than just run! So when you want to skip it…when you get busy…have too much going on…and think about putting it off till another day…

Do it for the legs!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.48.58 PM

Day 24 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 6X each leg
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 4 sets of 10
  • Squats – Your Choice – 4 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 Minute (2X)
  • Side Plank – :30 each side (2X)
  • 45 Push Ups

Bonus: #CircuitTraining  burning belly fat

Got a little more in you today? Do it for the Legs! 😉

Running Drills: Grapevines

Speed Work: Warm Up + 4X 400M + 4X 200M + Cool Down

Need a little more info about this week’s running drills and speed work? Click here to find out why…and how we do them.

Before you drop from exhaustion…take a few minutes to stretch out those hips, quads, hamstrings, and calves! Our 7 Key Stretches for Runners will have you feeling nice and limber.

Day 24 is gonna be a killer! What are you waiting for? Get to work Core Crew!

Day 17: Runner For Life

taking a selfie after leg dayLeg day!!! Go hard today Core Crew! If you can walk without moaning a little…you aren’t working hard enough!

Distance running makes you stronger. You have to get stronger and build endurance to keep you going for miles and miles.

Limiting  yourself to running as the only means to strengthen your lower body…especially if you are doing strength training for your upper body…will give you that upside down pyramid look: a bulky, strong upper body and little chicken legs. This isn’t good for your hips, quads, knees, ankles, and feet. The impact of each step is exacerbated by the load that the muscular upper body places on those skinny legs.

Why do we need strong legs?

  1. To condition the muscles and soft tissues of your lower body to effectively support the weight in your upper body.
  2. To balance the strength, endurance, size, and control of the upper and lower body.
  3. To prevent injury to your lower joints and extremities.

These reasons are for everyone, but for runners…they’re even more important. Running is a lifetime sport…and we are runners for life. Let’s get to work and keep our legs strong and ready to go the distance.

Day 17 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 6X each leg (2 sets)
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 3 sets of 10
  • Squats – Your Choice – 3 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 minute (2X)
  • Side Plank – :30 each side (2X)
  • 35 Push ups

Bonus: #Round4

Want those “I can’t walk normal after leg day legs?” Let’s go Core Crew…1 more round! 🙂

Changed it to 4

Running Drills and Speed Work: Get a detailed explanation of our running drills and speed work here.

  • Running Drill: Bounding
  • Speed Work:
    • 1 mile warm up (conversation pace)
    • 4X 400M
    • 4X 200M
    • 1 mile cool down
    • Total of 3.5 miles

If you are doing speed work today…remember to do it before you fastest timetackle our leg day exercises.

  • Running Drills
  • Speed Work
  • Leg day
  • Stretch

If you are wondering about pace for speed work….please reach out to me and let’s chat about what is the right pace for you. You can private message me here.

We train, we run, we want to be healthier and stronger…but running is a lifetime sport and we are runners for life.

Keep your spirits high and keep pushing Core Crew! 🙂

Lifetime sport


Day 13: Blessed to Run

Blessed to RunNo matter where you are in your running journey…if you’ve just started…or maybe you’ve been running for years, if you’re injured and on the sidelines…or are heading out to clear your mind and work up a sweat…remember how lucky you are to have the ability to run.

You’ve found your love, a love that you can carry for years to come, a sport to call our own. Work hard and share your love of our sport with others. We are blessed to run…don’t take it for granted.

Day 13 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 4 (each leg)
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 3 sets of 10
  • Squat (Your Choice) – 3 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 Minute (2X)
  • Side Plank – :30 each side (2X)
  • 30 Push Ups
  • 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Bonus: Share your love with someone. Talk to someone new about running. 🙂

I am blessed to be heading out for 13 miles this morning with friends who will share the fun, the joy…and the pain. Paula and Barbara…let’s do this!

I will be switching things up and  getting my long run in today…and doing legs tomorrow. The calendar is just a guideline…remember to always make ti work for you. If your schedule changes…adapt and make it work for you. There is no wrong way….as long as you’re getting it done.

Don’t forget how blessed you are to being able to get out and be active. Tell someone new about running today. Share the blessing with them and forge a new friendship along the way.

running friendships

Day 10: Positive State Of Mind

mind of matterOur brain is the boss. It orders the body what to do and what not to do. If we can find a way to coax the brain out of cowering in the face of stress, our bodies will follow.

Being tired, stressed out, and faced with numerous other daily tasks that keep us from getting our workout in will not go away….but willpower can overcome physical obstacles.

When you willfully subject yourself to stress, such as training, taking care of your family, and working every day, you become better able to cope with all the stressors in your life. Training increases your self-belief and your confidence in what you can do.

The unquestioning devotion that runners display seems to be the key to living the double life as a runner and a mere mortal. Put yourself in a positive state of mind and allow for extraordinary feats of strength.

Day 10 exercises: “How To” Videos

  • Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 4x (each leg)
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 3 sets of 10
  • Squats – Your Choice – 3 sets of 10
  • Planks – 1 minute (2X)
  • Side Planks – :30 each side (2X)
  • 25 Push Ups
  • 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Bonus: #SexyLegWorkout (Thank you Alison 🙂 )  Sexy Leg Workout

Mind Over Matter – Push a little harder than you thought you could and run through this extra leg circuit today.

The only thing holding you back is you.

Running Drills and Speed Work:

  • High Knees
  • 200 meter sprints (6-10X)

Need more info on this week’s running drill and speed work? Click here to find out the “why and how”. Still have questions? Message me!

Remember Core Crew…willpower can overcome physical obstacles.

Are you a a runner…or a mere mortal? You are a runner…Go out and run! 🙂

Think you can

Day 6: Keep it Light but Keep Pushing!

slow progress better than no progress

Hey Crew! It’s 3am and I am getting ready to head out to meet up with some friends to run our Virtual Race and Make it Count for Runwell. 13.1 miles coming up in beautiful Jekyll Island, GA! Pics to come with bibs and medals. 🙂

It is leg day…but since we are so close to the weekend with lots of long training runs and races coming up…I want our Friday leg days to be light and easy. I still want you to take Friday’s seriously and work your legs…just no extras or bonus. We don’t want over tired, sore legs going into long, tough training runs or races.

Even though we are keeping it light and easy…we are still making progress and getting stronger. Remember that slow progress is better than no progress! Think clean eating and lots of stretching to get ready for the weekend!

Day 6 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 3 (each side)
  • Fire Hydrants and Donkey Kicks – 2 sets of 10
  • Squats – Your Choice – 2 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 Minute (2X)
  • Side Planks – :30 (each side)
  • 20 Push Ups
  • Stretch!

How is everyone doing with the “No Extra Sugar” Challenge so far this month? So far,  I’ve had no extra sweets. I’ve skipped the chocolate, peanut butter ice cream that’s in my freezer and avoided foods high in sugar…what are you doing to cut out the extra sugar?

This should be a pretty quick workout today. If you want to run…go for it…but keep it short and keep it easy….then come home and stretch or go through our Yoga for Runners again.

See you all on the other side of 13.1 for Runwell! Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday! 🙂

Day 3: Killer Legs

Killer Legs

Running does amazing things for our body…like giving us killer legs! But running without strength training…means less power for those tough runs when we need an extra push to get to the finish line.

But how do we get it all done?

According to Runner’s World article called How Best to Combine Strength Training and Running,

“Many runners now accept that they’ll perform and feel better if they do more than just run. That’s especially true for people who took up the sport as adults and whose non-running hours include a lot of sitting. Regular strength training, including for your legs, can help to correct muscle imbalances and weaknesses that are common in modern life.”

As runners we struggle with balancing our running with other types of workouts. That makes sense right? Because all we really want to do is run!

There is a way to balance it all though. This article sites a 2014 study where runners did two types of strength workouts, one at maximal effort and one at sub maximal effort, waited 6 hours, then did a tough running workout…here is what lead researcher, Kenji Doma, Ph.D., of James Cook University suggests.

First, Doma advises, don’t schedule a hard running workout later in the day of a weight session. “Running at maximal effort is impaired six hours [after] lower-extremity resistance training, and therefore trained to moderately trained runners will need more than that to recover for running sessions set at high intensities,” he says.

In addition, “running at maximal effort is still impaired 24 hours after lower-extremity resistance training,” Doma says. “Therefore, in the case of trained and moderately trained runners undertaking high-intensity running sessions after lower-extremity resistance training, they may need more than one day to recover.”

Second, Doma found that running performance at lower intensities was unaffected by the weight workouts. “Runners could undertake strength training and running sessions on the same day six hours apart as long as the running session is set at sub-maximal intensities,” Doma says.

If possible, Doma says, try to arrange your schedule so that on days that you run and lift, running comes first.

Key points:

  • Run first – If you want to run on the same day you do your leg workout…run first.
  • The day after your leg workout…you can run…just make it an easy workout..not a tough speed workout. Since we are doing legs on Tuesday and Thursday this month…do your speed work on Monday or before your leg workout on Tuesday. If you want to run on Fridays…make that an easy workout as well. Perfect for our schedule since we like to go long on the weekends.

Final Point: Our leg workout is at sub-maximal effort. Yes it will get tougher as the month goes on…but we are not spending and hour in the gym focused solely on legs. Don’t overthink this. Our workouts gradually increase in effort throughout the month and can be done relatively quickly at home. But you should still give your legs time to recover and think about how you will schedule your workouts as we progress through the month.

Day 3 exercises: Click here for How to Videos

  • Pistol Squats – 2 sets of 3X each leg
  • Fire Hydrant + Donkey Kick – 2 sets of 10
  • Squat – Your choice – 2 sets of 10 (Let us know what kind of squats you choose today. Remember there are about 40 different types of squats listed on our “how to” videos page in case you need some ideas or want to try something new.)
  • 15 Push-Ups
  • Planks – 1 minute (2X)
  • Side Planks :30 each side (2X)
  • 7 Key Stretches for Runners

How do you do your planks? A lot of us do a continuous plank that rolls from the regular plank position onto our sides then back again. Doing it this way might make it easier AND make the time go by a little faster. I like to do a :30 regular plank, then shift to each side for :30 each then finish up with another :30 regular plank at the end. A 2 min round of planks…and I do this twice. Once at the beginning of our workout and again at the end. Overall I am planking for 4 minutes total each day.

If you are new to planks, work your way up. Some of the runners in our group has been planking almost every day for a year or more. Don’t get discouraged. I promise it will get easier as you get stronger!

Bonus: Glute Toner Workout Tight Glutes

Thank you to Alison Stewart who found a great bonus again for us today! (I could get used tot his Alison 😉 ) Do one round of this workout after your daily exercises today then post using #ToneGlutes to let us know you went the extra mile!

Running Drills and Speed Work: This week’s running drills and speed work were in yesterday (Monday’s) post. If you need a reminder, click here. Do not hesitate to reach out to me through PM on FB if you have questions about the 200 meter sprints or how fast you should be doing them. I can explain in more detail and help you find your pace. Remember to schedule your speed work for AFTER your run today.

Running Drills can and should be done before or after EVERY running workout. Experts suggest doing after a warm up (5-10 min) or post run when you need to train your body how to keep good form when you’re tired.

Final takeaway today….strength training makes us stronger and gives us toner legs. Don’t skip your strength workout! I’ve been working on leg strength or over a year now…and the result…well I have some killer legs y’all!

When it’s all said and done. Don’t forget to stretch! Stretching does a body good…and keeps the injuries at bay. I’ve been working on getting more flexible since August 2015 when Silas started taking karate and I saw them doing straddles. This didn’t happen overnight…but it is super cool that I can do this at 37…well almost 38. 🙂

Here is the link again for our 7 Key Stretches for Runners. Learn to love them and they will love you back!

Let’s get to it and make it a great Tuesday Core Crew! 🙂