August – Day 20: Confidence Makes Us Glow!

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Working out is like a Swiss army knife for our well-being. Like a Swiss Army Knife, exercising is a tool that does so many amazing things for our body, which then impacts how we carry ourselves, giving us the confidence we need to be who we need to be for the important people in our lives. When we have a little confidence boost going into a tough day at the office or a hectic day around the house, we’re able to shine and glow…making challenges look effortless.

According to a recent study published in Health Psychology, when we’re having an off day or just need a little extra umph, our best option is is to is to amp it up and get moving! Getting sweaty strengthens our feelings of control and ultimately, our self-confidence.

What are some other ways working out is a huge confidence booster?

1. Working out gives us a sense of accomplishment

Few things are more refreshing than making our way through an intense, invigorating workout! The sense of pride that comes with completing a workout that pushes our boundaries is hard to describe. When you look back on that first try and compare that to where you are now, you can’t help but feel proud!

2. Working out enhances our well-being

Exercise gives us a boost of endorphins that help to relieve stress and strengthen our immune system. Working out becomes an anchor of sorts because no matter how hectic our day, it’s the ultimate “me time” activity we depend on. Having that consistent activity to look forward to is always a confidence booster. So when we’re making excuses…we’re only cheating ourself. Why cheat ourself out of our “me time” when that is likely the one thing that keeps us productive and sane?

3. Working out makes us more productive!

My favorite thing about working out is how it clears my mind and helps me conquer my day with ease. It gives me the energy to face the day with confidence. Becoming aware of our strengths and limitations and how we’re going to use them puts a limit on any personal or professional fears that might be holding us back.

4. Working out changes the way we face challenges

The more we suck at a workout, the more it becomes a challenge. If you’re like me, we have to keep doing that workout until we master it. This attitude will trickl into everything we do, and we feel more confident in our ability to tackle any kind of challenges that show up on our plate.

5. Working out improves our posture

When we feel stressed out, we have a tendency to hunch over protectively, when in fact we’re doing more harm to our body than good. Poor posture leads to improper blood flow and organ compression. Working out strengthens our posture, keeps our body aligned, and makes us feel more energized!

Handling our stress in a way that doesn’t negatively impact our body is one of the top ways to become a fiercely confident person! Working out goes hand-in-hand with that goal. When we trust in our own ability to bring it, everyone will. That confidence makes us glow…and everyone can see it.

Ready to get your GLOW on? It’s Monday Crew let’s start the week off right with a killer workout to boost our confidence and give us that healthy glow that shows the world we are ready to BRING IT!

Day 20 exercises:

  • Quick Core Workout & Coffee Break Workout (see below)
  • Day 20 exercises
  • Bonus – Nike/Runners World Arm Strength
  • Plan ahead for Speed Work (this week’s speed work listed below)

Quick Core Workout & Coffee Break Workout


Day 20 exercises: 3 sets of 10 (“how to” videos below)

  • Hip Extension w/ Stability Ball
  • Bird Dog
  • Kickback with Resistance Band
  • Dumbbell Clocker Shoulder Raise
  • Plank 3 x :60 (moving up to :60 planks this week!)

Nike/Runners World Arm Strength Workout – (<<<< Click link) This is a longer workout but we are only doing the arms portion. Fast forward through the beginning to the 2nd part of the workout…unless of course you want to do the whole thing! 😉

Speed Work:

This weeks speed work is back to basics with 800s. This workout is for those who are looking to gain confidence, increased aerobic capacity, increased leg turnover, and a fun speed workout. The number of repeats you will do depends on your fitness level and the distance you are training for.

The workout:

  • 1-2 mile warm up
  • 2-10 x 800 meters (half mile repeats) @ 5K-10K pace with 2:00 rest in between intervals
  • 1-2 mile cool down

How to decide how many repeats to do? It depends on where you’re at in your training and fitness and what distance race you are training for.

Beginning runner to 5K: 2-4 x 800 – This will give you 1-2 miles of speed work. If this is your first time doing speed work, give it a go with 2 1/2 mile repeats for a total of 1 mile of speed work. This is a way to dip your toe in without too much anxiety over starting the workout. If you’re working on a 5K race, go for at least 4 800s for a total of 2 miles.

10K-15K: As you get farther into your training you want to turn up the volume a little. Since the race distance is longer, you’ll need to be ready to push harder for longer so putting some distance into your speed work is key to being ready. Go for 4-6 800s for a total of 2-3 miles.

Half Marathon: If you’re training for a half, you’re already used to longer distances so its time to put that endurance to the test. Start out closer to 10K pace and work your way down to 5K pace towards your final interval. Go for 6-8 800s for a total of 3-4 miles.

Marathon: If you are training for a marathon, you MUST be ready to go the distance. At the same time, speed is not as important. I would rather see you do more intervals at a slightly slower pace and FINISH the whole workout. Think 10K pace and hold strong till the end! Go for 8-10 800s for a total of 4-5 miles at a consistent “tough” pace.

Day 20 “how to” videos:

Hip Extension with Stability Ball – Lye on your back (supine) with your heels on a stability ball hands flat on the floor at your sides. Digging your heels into the ball lift your hips off the ground until they are in line with your torso and legs. Hold for a count and return to the starting position.

Bird Dog – You can do this exercises by just holding the position and coming back to the start or touching your elbow to your knee as you see in the video.

Kickback with Resistance Band –  Think of a standing donkey kick just with a resistance band to make it a little more challenging.

Dumbbell Clocker Shoulder Raise (Around the World)

Forearm Planks – Keep working with the basic plank from your knees until you are strong enough to come up onto your feet then hold and repeat!

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