May – Day 1: Fire It Up!!!

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It’s Day 1 Crew let’s kick it off right by firing up those hips and glutes! This is gonna burn so good!

Tuesday will be our longest workout of the week but our hips and glutes need it. This is an area that causes us a lot of problems…and most of us don’t even know it.

Did you know that there is a high correlation between knee pain and weaknesses in our hips and glutes? Weakness in this area causes us to run imbalanced which throws off our gait and sends our entire lower body out of wack. The pain that comes from this very often shows up in our knees!

I had an article sent to me today that debated the correlation between hip weaknesses and knee pain. It’s a common prescription for runners with knee pain to work on strengthening their hips, but experts are also ruminating over the thought that runners with knee pain stemming from other issues may compensate by altering their gait which in turns causes hip weakness. Hmmmm…

The article goes back and forth over this issue but in the end, the studies suggest that the sample size isn’t large enough to make a final decision. They can’t say for sure if hip weaknesses cause knee pain, or if knee pain causes us to alter the way to run which causes hip weaknesses. But as I think about this “problem” I have to think that either way, if our hips and glutes are stronger, this solves both of these scenarios.

If weak hips cause knee pain, strengthening our hips will make the pain stop. If knee pain is causing hip weakness, then strengthening our hips will help us stand taller and and straighter which will give our entire body more balance which has to be a good thing right?

With so many people suffering form what is commonly known as “runner’s knee” and many of those runners finding improvements through strength training, why wouldn’t we want to do the extra work? Not only can it help us battle those aches and pains, but hip and glute strength helps us run stronger, more balanced, and ultimately gives us more power and therefore more speed! No brainer! 🙂

Tuesday’s workout will take 30 minutes. Plan it out to make sure it happens. This is our longest workout of the week and we’re doing it early in the week to ensure we have time to recover before weekend long runs and races. Push through it then give those hips and glutes a good long stretch!

Day 1 exercises:

  • Fitness Blender Brutal Butt and Thigh Workout
  • Wall Sit – :60
  • Glute Stretch – :30 each
  • Pigeon Pose – :30 each

Fitness Blender Brutal Butt and Thigh Workout – You will see lots of familiar exercises in this workout but instead of breaking it into our own sets we can follow along and get it done in one shot. No breaks…push through it!

Wall Sit – This will be tough after the brutal butt and thigh workout but you can do it. :60 minimum!

Finish with some good stretches for those burning muscles!

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