Days 17 & 18: #MilesForPam

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Many of us have met or will meet one day. Some of us are too far away. But no matter the distance, we have become a family. We support each other through good times and bad. We lift each other up when we are having hard times and we cheer each other on through victories…and through disappointments. When one our own suffers a loss we surround them with love, understanding and support.

Lynne reached out to me last weekend and asked if we could day a day to dedicate Pam and her father. A sweet and thoughtful idea that I loved and knew the rest of our Crew would embrace too.

For a loved one lost but never forgotten. For a grieving Crew member who took care of her dad until the end. After giving you some space to grieve we want you to know we are thinking of you and your family in this time of sadness and loss. We want to surround you with compassion and say how sorry we are that you lost your father.

We love you and know you are hurting. We are here and will be thinking of you as we run this weekend. Our deepest sympathies are with you and your family. Wishing you peace in the days ahead and the courage to go out and run this weekend for your father. He would want you to do what you love and we want you to know we are all right there on the road with you. XOXOXO

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Whether you are running Saturday or Sunday, a race or a training run, please dedicate your miles to Pam Eisert and her family. Tag your post with #MilesforPam and I will count up the miles over the weekend and see how many we can run from our family to hers.

Day 17: Long Run

Day 18: Active Recovery / Yoga for Runners

Those we love who pass away are not forgotten. They live in our hearts forever. This weekend we run for you Pam.

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