Day 14: Love Yourself

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Love yourself enough to spend a little time working on you today! It’s a busy day with lots of things to do for others…but if you make a little time for you first then everyone else will benefit too! Remember…working out increases our endorphins and makes us happy!

Day 14 exercises:

  • Plank – :60
  • Squats – 20 x 6
  • Push Ups – 20 x 2
  • Tricep Dips – 20 x 2
  • Sit Ups – 20 x 3
  • Burpees – 30
  • Wall Sit – :60

Bonus: Valentine’s Day Workout Challenge – Just a little something extra for those who want to do a little more to love themselves on Valentine’s Day! I had to search high and low for one that wasn’t too intense or time consuming and this one won’t take long. If you can make the time great…if not don’t beat yourself up just do what you can to #LoveYourself on V-day!

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Speed Work: Mile Repeats – Today is a great day for speed work! Click here for this week’s workout!

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Day 13: Tuesday – Today is a Good Day!

Tuesday workout with this week’s speed work is below. Lots of legs again with some upper body and core thrown in PLUS it’s time to throw in some bonus hip strength!

I’m feeling pretty good and walking normally again this morning so I am ready to work out with you. Let’s do this Crew!

Day 13 exercises:

  • :60 Plank
  • Squats – 20 x 5
  • Push Ups – 20 x 2
  • Tricep Overhead Extensions – 20 x 2
  • Russian Twists – 20 x 2
  • Leg Lifts – 20 x 2
  • Burpees – 20
  • Wall Sit – :60

Bonus: 6 Minute Hip Strength Workout for Injury Prevention – Here is a new workout for us to target our hips. 6 minutes for both sides!

Speed Work: Mile Repeats – We’re going back to mile repeats this week because they are perfect for everyone and easy to do on a track, treadmill or on the road. The workout below is designed for anyone training for a 5K or 10K. If you are working towards a 15K, Half or Full Marathon, add miles! With mile repeats, you can use a straight run OR you can do run/walk. If you are using a run/walk, you need to run faster during your run segment to hit those 10K times! Not sure what your 10K pace should be? Reach out to me and let’s chat!

  • 15K: 5 mile repeats
  • Half Marathon: 6 mile repeats
  • Full Marathon: 7 mile repeats
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15K, Half or Full Marathon – Add additional mile repeats depending on the distance you’re training for

Tuesday is one of those middle of the week days that can be little blah…let’s go out and make it the best day of the week!

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