Day 6: Don’t Think…Just Squat!

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.57.15 PM

We’re putting our legs to the next with another day of squats. After yesterday’s workout, your legs are probably feeling the burn but it’s ok you can get through it.

Don’t think…Just Squat!

Day 6 exercises:

  • :60 Plank
  • Squats – 20 x 4
  • Push Ups – 10 x 2
  • Tricep Dips – 10 x 2
  • Sit Ups – 20 x 2
  • Heel Touches – 20 x 2
  • Burpees – 10
  • Wall Sit :60

Bonus: Modern Moms/Dad Hip Strength – With all the emphasis placed on our legs, arms & core this month, it’s important that we don’t neglect our hips! This routine takes 4 minutes per leg and is a crowd favorite…for the most part. 😉 It’s a great burn so I hope to see everyone getting this bonus done!

Speed Work: Don’t forget to plan your speed work for this week to make sure you have the time to fit it in your schedule. Click here for Monday’s post and scroll down for this week’s speed workout!

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