Days 16 & 17: Earn Your Body!

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We don’t work out just to lose weight…we work out to get healthy, to look better…to feel better! We workout to run stronger, and longer! We work out to live long healthy lives with the ones we love…we have to earn the body we want!

Monday’s we work hard and today is no exception. It’s time to put on our big girl panties and get it done! Don’t worry…today’s workout might be tough, but tomorrow we will take it easy so just keep that in mind when you want to quit…and power through it!

Day 16: Legs & Core – Try to follow the exercises the way they are set up. Break the squats into sets of 20, take a small break then get right back to work.

  • 140 Squats
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • 40 Weighted Hip Lifts
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • 30 Clams (per leg)
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • 40 Lunges with Rotation (Alternate legs 40 total not each leg)
  • 30 Bottoms Up
  • 30 Ab Sit Up + Twist with Dumbbell
  • :60 Plank

Day 17: Tuesday Quick Workout – Nice and easy today Crew! We want to get in some activity but also want to keep it easy so we recover well from our tough Monday workout.

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Speed Work: Speed Ladder with easy jog – This week we are stretching out our speed work with some longer distance in the middle and easy jogs in between. This type of speed work will teach us how to pace ourselves to get through the entire workout. Don’t go out too fast in the beginning. You want to finish the entire workout with a very similar pace for each speed interval so pace yourself! If you’re not sure what your 5K pace is, reach out to me and let’s chat. I can help you find the pace that is right for you. You might be surprised…maybe it’s a little slower than you think!

Another key point…this says 1-2 mile warm up and most people will do 1 mile and go right into their speed work. But I’d like you to think about a normal run for you. When do you start to feel good? Does it take a mile? Or does it take a little more time? For me, it takes 3-4 miles to really start feeling good and to be able to pick up the speed. Think about it and plan ahead so you have time to get in a good warm up AND a good cool down!

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Day 16 “how to” videos:

Squats: You know how to do these and although the number is getting higher, I would prefer that you stick with traditional squats for the entire 140 today. Work those legs in the same fashion and really feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings and calves.

Weighted Hip Lifts (Thrusts): This exercise can be done with our without weights. If you’ve done the exercise before and are confident about your form, add a medicine ball, barbell or dumbbells to add some extra weight. Place the weight right on your hip/groin area but DO NOT sacrifice form!

Clams: The clamshell exercise targets the glute and hamstring muscles and also builds strength in our pelvis which which gives us more stability while we are running. If this exercise feels too easy, add a resistance band around your knees.

Lunge with Rotation (alternate legs): A forward lunge rotation while alternating legs strengthens the legs, hips and core! The rotation develops and strengthens basic motor patterns and makes the exercise very functional. Keep the rest periods short for a great conditioning workout. Once again, if the exercise feels too easy, add a small weight like a medicine ball and hold it with both arms close to your torso.

Bottoms Up: Bottoms Up is a killer ab exercise for our core and the lower abdominal region especially. While you try to reach the ceiling with your feet your abs work like crazy.

Ab Sit Up + Twist with Dumbbell: Adding a twist with a dumbbell will make this exercise a little tougher but it will pay off. Power through it and feel the burn in your abs and obliques!

Plank: Finish off your day with a strong plank!

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