Days 11 & 12: Hate it…then Love It!

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It’s hump day and as soon as we’re done with today’s workout, we’re halfway through our week! You’ll hate it for a bit, but you CAN handle it and you will LOVE finishing it!

Let’s get to it!

Day 11: Legs & Arms – “How to” videos are below 

  • 80 Squats (Yes more squats – YOU GOT THIS!
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • 40 Fire Hydrants (each leg)
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • 60 Monster Walks (with or without resistance band
  • Tricep Overhead Push Ups
  • 30 Inchworms with Shoulder Tap
  • 30 Side Push Ups
  • :60 Plank

Day 12: Quick Living Room Workout + 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Since Thursday’s are our “easy” days it’s the perfect time to give your legs, hips, glutes and back a little extra love. Spend some quality time with your roller then stretch it out. Lots of the Crew is racing this weekend and the type you spend “prepping” for the race, the better your day will go!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.44.40 PM

Speed Work: Wednesdays is a great day for speed work! If you’re going long on Saturday, today is your day! Plenty of time to rest and recover those legs before our longs run so get it done. Remember…there’s more to speed work than just getting faster and we will all benefit! Click here and scroll down to find out more about this week’s workout!

Mid month is coming and you guys are killing our clean eating challenge. Seeing the pounds come off, feeling good, running strong…all huge benefits of eating clean and fueling our bodies to do what we love most…RUN! Keep it up!

When the temptations arise, and they will, keep telling yourself you are doing this because you want a change and you’ve committed to staying on track with your health and fitness goals. Have a happy, healthy Hump Day Crew!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.24.40 PM

Day 11 “how to” videos”:

Squats: Targets your quads, calves, ankles and hamstrings to give you a strong base.

Wall Sit: The wall sit is a really great exercise to target the entire thigh area, your quad, your inner thigh, the back of the leg, the hamstring, and your gluts. You’re just going to find a wall. You’re going to come into a squat position. Your feet are going to be out. Your knees are aligned with your ankles, and you’re going to push your weight back into the wall here. You want to make sure that you’re digging through your heels as you’re in your squat position and that your legs are 90 degrees.

Fire Hydrants: The Fire Hydrant is a great lower body exercise that engages and tones our hips and glutes.

Monster Walk with Resistance Band: (Can also be done without a resistance band but get low into your squat!) Physio exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the hip, glutes, quads and knee. Exercise to help with knee alignment and common injuries such as patellofemoral pain / kneecap alignment, weakness in the gluteals or after surgery. Also a good exercise for injury prevention in runners because it helps to stabilize our pelvis to develop lateral hip strength!

This is a great video explaining why and how this exercise is so effective. It’s a little longer but I hope you will watch all the way through!

Tricep Overhead Pushups: Maybe they’re intimidating that you’ve never tried them. Maybe, you probably think they’re impossible— that they’re only for gymnast types with insanely broad shoulders and strong, compact bodies. But you can do overhead push ups.

I don’t care how strong you are, how long your arms are , how unbalanced and uncoordinated you are. Unless you have a shoulder injury or something else actually prohibiting you from standing upside down, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do these overhead push ups. Because here’s the thing: you don’t have to do them perfectly. And you don’t have to be superhuman. 

  • They build incredible shoulder and upper body strength
  • They’re awesome for balance
  • They help strengthen your core and glutes
  • They make you feel like a (really strong) kid!

Inchworm + Shoulder Taps: Strengthens our arms and abs plus helps us gain flexibility and mobility in our hamstrings.

Side Push Ups: Excellent move for our triceps which tones our arms and builds strength for that end of the race push when we need our arms to help get us over that finish line!

Planks: The key with the plank is to engage you core muscles in the right way so that through the effort of balancing and stabilizing your body, you are giving your core muscles a fantastic workout. And if you don’t think you can get a good workout by holding still, just wait until you try to hold a plank for 30-60 seconds… you’re going to feel it!

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